What are water soluble vitamins?

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vitamin B
B vitamins are water soluble
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Understanding what are water soluble vitamins to effectively use supplements

A vitamin is either water soluble (such as B and C) or fat soluble (A, D, E and K.) The difference between the two classifications of vitamins determines how it acts in the body.

Water soluble supplements are not stored by the body. This type must dissolve in water before the body can absorb it. When a person has excess vitamins of this nature in his body the glut is excreted in his urine. Water soluble must be replaced every day to maintain an unremitting supply because they are easily washed away. These are also destroyed when food is prepared or stored prior to consumption.

Milk and grains should be kept out of direct light because this depletes the vitamins in these products. Ideally, use water you’ve cooked vegetables in when you make soups or gravy because this water contains water soluble vitamins.

On the other and, fat soluble dissolve in fats (lipids.) They are usually soaked up by chylomicrons, which are fat globules that travel through the lymphatic system in the small intestines. The globules then go into the all-purpose blood circulation in the body. "A" and "E" are maintained in body tissues.

Because these have the propensity to stay in body tissue if a person takes too much of this, he can suffer from a condition call hypervitaminosis, an unsafe condition.

It is possible to lack fat soluble vitamins if a person doesn’t eat enough fat or if his ability to absorb fat is compromised, which may occur when specific drugs are taken. The culprits include medications that mess with the absorption of fat from the intestine.

When suffering from cystic fibrosis, this causes a deficit of enzymes from the pancreas, which has an undesirable effect on the absorption of fat from the intestine and leads to a deficiency.


When experiencing a deficiency a person will have symptoms. A person may become ill with a condition called Beriberi, which is the result of a thiamin or B1 deficiency.  This results in pain and weakness in the arms and legs, weight loss and emotional conflict. 

When a person doesn’t possess enough B3 or niacin a condition called Pellagra occurs, resulting in problems with the gastrointestinal and central nervous systems, skin issues and mucous membrane issues.

Pernicious anemia occurs when a person doesn’t have enough B12 (cobalamin.) Symptoms include dizziness, hart palpitations, shortness of breath and fatigue. A B12 deficiency, if not treated, can lead to brain damage.

B 12 is de rigueur because it ensures nerves develop the way they should, while helping the cells in the body metabolize fat, carbohydrates and protein. Sardines, salmon and calf’s liver are rich in B 12. B12 is retained relatively well in cooked animal foods, such as beef and boiled cow’s milk.

Vitamin C is required for standard growth and development. Additionally, it assists in repairing tissues in the body as well as the growth of these tissues and the configuration of cartilage, collagen, teeth, bones and wound healing. This makes it possible for white blood cells to break down bacteria, which safeguards against disease. It also serves an integral role in iron absorption from the intestine. Ideally, a person gets his "C" from food if he is eating properly. The best sources are tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, citrus fruits, asparagus, plaintains, peppers and Brussels sprouts.

Vitamin E is not naturally soluble. It is fat soluble. It can be water solubilized. Certain compounds are added during the manufacturing course of action which makes “E” more resourcefully absorbed through the wall of the intestine into the body.

The most effective way to maintain health is to eat a healthy diet. However, if an individual suspects he has a deficiency discuss this with a physician. Taking too many vitamin supplements can be harmful.

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