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Find out what diabetic supplies can you get online to make your life easier

Diabetics throughout the country now have easy access to necessary equipment, treatments and accessories made to help them manage their condition and enjoy a more comfortable life. Many of these are available through stores that ship everywhere within a reasonable amount of time. No more waiting weeks for medicine to arrive!

So what diabetic supplies can you get online? The answer is quite a few.

Testing and meters

As you know, testing glucose levels often is one of the most effective methods to manage diabetes. Trusted brands are widely available. Order these diabetic supplies online in large quantities and place re-orders as soon as you begin to run low.

Glucose meters are a handy tool to always have on hand. These easy-to-use medical devices show an approximation of how concentrated the glucose in your blood is. A small drop of blood on a test strip is all that's needed to see if you're at a close-to-normal level.

Blood glucose control solutions

The general recommendation is to check your meters and testing strips weekly to ensure they're giving you accurate readings. To do this, use a drop of glucose control solution, which contains a known level of glucose. This way you're not pricking yourself and following faulty readings. Do an extra check if you start getting surprising results or the meter is dropped.

Insulin products

One of the first things people look for when wondering what diabetic supplies can you get online is insulin-related items. Diabetics either don't produce enough insulin or their bodies don't use what it produces effectively. Injecting insulin helps manage the disease and control some of the symptoms.

There are different types of insulin available, including fast-acting, intermediate-acting and long-acting, depending on an individual's needs. Medicine is injected using a needle, prefilled pen system or a cartridge systems. There's also pumps if necessary. These items are all widely available though online merchants.

Since insulin is sensitive to temperature, accessories include protective cases. These help keep your tools and medicine organized and stored safely in the fridge.

Some suppliers ship vials of insulin, including a few working with Medicare's mail order program. This typically ships in 1 or 2 days to ensure it arrives undamaged. If you're thinking of ordering insulin, check with your healthcare provider first to see if they cover it. Some only cover specific suppliers if they cover it at all.

Skin care

According to the American Diabetes Association, approximately one third of people with diabetes also have a skin disorder either caused by or significantly affected by the disease. The association recommends people stay clean and dry, using talcum powder in areas that get agitated easily like armpits. Always clean cuts right away with soap and water, alcohol is too harsh and can cause chapping.

You can find a wide range of diabetic skin lotions for the feet, hands, elbows, knees and gentler ones for the full body. Use lotion regularly to prevent the skin from cracking, which makes people vulnerable to infection.

Therapeutic footwear

Diabetic socks and shoes address some of the foot problems commonly associated with the condition. The friction and pressure of wearing regular shoes for extended periods can cause dangerous sores to develop fast. Therapeutic shoes are made with extra soft cushioning, width and depth to allow the feet extra room if they swell, while the socks promote comfort and dry, cool feet.

Therapeutic shoes reduce foot strain, helping prevent the risk of calluses, ulcers and other sores from developing in the first place. A number of online shoe stores offer this type, and you can find sellers who specialize in providing top quality diabetic footwear. Order the highest quality shoe you can find, your feet are worth the investment! 

Share the news of what diabetic supplies can you get online with fellow diabetic. Ordering them online makes it easier to stay well-stocked and in control.

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