What is mental well-being?

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mental illness
Mental illness is treatable affliction
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The answer to what is mental well-being is the key to emotional health

What is mental well-being? It means that a person has an agreeable existence that includes health, contentment and prosperity.

When a state of well-being is achieved, the individual is able to live the kind of life that has value to him and is free to pursue activities and interests that are central to him. The person has entrée to food, shelter, medical care, and has satisfying social relationships as well as possesses the ability to make his own choices.

When one has good mental health this is a condition of security. The person is able to cope with the challenges that come with daily living and is capable of working as well as contributing to the community in which he lives. A person with a sense of welfare understands that he has potential.

When good health is achieved, this includes mental-, physical and social well-being. If a person is physically strong but not psychologically stable he is not completely whole and probably is not in a state of happiness. Mental health can be ensured through personal and community relationships, learning resources, and healthcare support.

When a person has all-round good health he cares about himself and takes care of himself which includes eating the proper foods, exercising, getting enough sleep and enjoying life. This person  does not hate himself but, instead, loves himself. He values who and what he is.

This person also knows that no one expects him to be perfect. He has reasonable goals and does not punish himself when he is incapable of reaching those goals. A person with cerebral strength is realistic and resilient.

Well-being means the absence of physical and psychological disease or illness but in addition to that it refers to a lifestyle led in a nuturing and kind environment where there is fresh air and water. The person is able to keep warm in the winter because he has shelter and is free from violence.


Quality of life includes the physical and mental health of a person and whether or not he has leisure time, educational opportunities, recreation and family and friendship, which is considered social belonging. Quality of life is not to be confused with standard of living, which is based on a person’s income.

If a person lives in an abusive home or is undergoing abuse or torment at work it is highly unlikely that he has a sense of safety or security. If a person fears for his life because he lives in a violent and unsafe neighborhood, once again, achieving a state of comfort and happiness is going to be elusive.

When an individual is afflicted with a cerebral disorder he does not have well-being. There are various mental health disorders that can destroy a person, including depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder.

Someone who has an addiction to booze, drugs, sex, food and/or gambling does not possess peace of mind because he is struggling with his addiction and suffering from the consequences. Seeking substance abuse resources and counseling can begin a healing process.


The environment has a tremendous impact on the happiness of humans. One type of environment is “built environment,” which refers to that which has been created by humans as opposed to that which was made by nature.

Built environments include the infrastructure, which is needed to support the activities that people undertake. The infrastructure includes roads, buildings, schools, stores, restaurants and parks.

In areas where the built environment is inferior the residents are less likely to obtain a sense of safety or security. If there aren’t any schools or parks or stores in the vicinity it is harder for the people living in this area to lead a life in which they are free to pursue activities.

Environment refers to surroundings and the conditions of those surroundings. When humans live in areas of pollution this is hazardous to their health. When a person’s health is in jeopardy is it hard to achieve a sense of peace of mind.

The neighborhood in which a person lives, as well as his home and his place of work, are physical environments. If the physical environment is toxic, whether literally or figuratively speaking, well- being is hard to attain.

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