Why do people choose Bowflex workouts?

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bowflex workout equipment
There are many Bowflex systems for every fitness level and budget
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There are many good reasons why people choose Bowflex workout systems

It would be nice if there was a fast diet or a magic weight-loss pill or a miracle exercise that would get you slim and fit without much time, sweat or expense. Everyone knows none of these things exist or we'd all look like a Hollywood star or a pro athlete.

However, there are some exercise systems that can help bypass some of the things that stop you from working out regularly. One well-known option is the Bowflex fitness system. Why do people choose Bowflex workouts over others in numbers that have made it a household name and one of the most popular home exercise systems?

"Home" is key word in answering that question. All-around fitness comes from working out on a wide selection of exercise equipment that works out a range of muscles. These machines and free weights take up a lot of space so they're usually only available at gyms or fitness centers, the kind that generally have a membership fee that is often long-term. The Bowflex is a home workout system, so there's no membership fee, no travel time and no chance of "forgetting" to exercise because it's there as a constant reminder that it's time for a workout.

Another reason people choose Bowflex is because it can emulate most of the free weights and exercise equipment found in even the fanciest gyms. The Bowflex can quickly and easily be repositioned to perform bench presses, curls, lat pulldowns, rows, shoulder pres, crunches, leg extensions and many others.

Because the Bowflex uses tension rather than weights, it's a quick step to raise it to simulate using heavier weights. This also means it's you can easily move from one exercise to another. And of course, there's no waiting for a slow and sweaty exerciser to finish up and move on.

The most accident-prone part of a workout is the time between exercises when you're moving equipment, adding or removing weight plates and just walking around a crowded gym. This makes the Bowflex the choice for the safety-conscious exerciser because there's no heavy weights or bars to position or walk around. The Bowflex tension rods are simple and safe to use and even the largest Bowflex system takes up little space in comparison to free weights and large exercise machines.

Another reason to go with Bowflex isn't physical, it's mental. Gyms and fitness can be intimidating, especially when you're not in shape or don't have the muscular physiques of the regulars. Having the equipment at home means you can workout in private, wear comfortable sweats and maintain a pace that is right for you. Home equipment means you can squeeze workouts into convenient times, exercising more and getting fit faster.

Convenience, versatility and safety are excellent reasons to choose a Bowflex workout system. Just ask someone who owns yet. Better yet, check out their abs.

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