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newspaper memorabilia
Newspaper memorabilia, such as front page reprints and commemorative books, can be ideal gifts for history lovers
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Commemorative newspaper memorabilia: Meaningful gifts for history lovers

Newspaper memorabilia can be an ideal gift for anyone who loves history, and can also make especially meaningful birthday gifts.  Newspaper articles from the day someone was born, or headlines from major time period events can help friends and loved ones re-live fond memories.

The Times of Your Life, a newspaper memorabilia birthday book only available from the New York Times Store is a truly unique, personalized birthday gift idea.  This hardcover 12” x 12” book can even be embossed with the gift recipient’s name. 

Inside, the book features a reproduction of every front page of the New York Times Newspaper from each and every birthday of your loved one’s life.  For instance, if you planed to give this item as an 80th birthday present for a parent, grandparent or friend, the book would contain 80 full color pages; beginning with headlines from the very day that individual was born.

Other personalized books featuring newspaper memorabilia include headlines from certain eras, momentous events or particular sports.  For instance, someone who adores baseball would certainly enjoy a personalized baseball history book featuring their favorite major league team. 

People with a keen interest in genealogy or their personal ancestry may enjoy the Ellis Island Heritage Album.  This album celebrating immigration through Ellis Island during the years 1892-1924, contains passenger lists, arrival dates, historic photographs, even a do-it-yourself family tree and extra acid-free storage pages for personal memorabilia.  This significant book is sure to become a family treasure that will be passed down through generations.

In addition to newspaper memorabilia books, single front page reprints commemorating the most memorable days and events in American history, can also make breathtaking gifts, especially when elegantly framed or displayed. 

Some of today’s most popular single front page newspaper memorabilia reprints include the front page from the day of President Barack Obama’s Inauguration, the front page reprint on the death of music star Michael Jackson, and the sports page announcing swimmer Michael Phelps’ gold medals in the Beijing Olympics.

Newspaper memorabilia can be meaningful, sentimental, collectible pieces that represent the profound changes and dramatic progressions in the time line of American history.  

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