Collecting car replicas

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Diecast replicas of historical automobiles are exquisitely detailed and historically accurate
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Show off your love of automobiles by collecting car replicas through history

Love of the automobile is a truly American passion, and one that can be hard to indulge unless you’re independently wealthy. For those of us with a more modest income range, collecting car replicas can be a perfect way to showcase your love of all things auto.

Die cast toys have been around since the first half of the 20th century, with the introduction of the Matchbox line in the 1940s and the Hot Wheels line in the 1960s making die cast cars the must-have toy for boys of all ages. Today, diecast cars are available from the very small and inexpensive, such as the Matchbox and Hot Wheels varieties, to the much larger scale and more expensive cars, aimed at the serious adult collector.
For the serious collector, car replicas are available in a 1:12 scale or a 1:18 scale. These are large, beautifully built and historically accurate cars, and can be expensive to collect. The immaculate detail and historical accuracy make them very much worth the expense, however.

There are many gorgeous replicas to collect in the 1:18 scale line, starting with models of cars dating before World War II, and then moving through the 40s, 50s, and on up to more modern replicas.

Cars are not the only die cast collectibles available, especially if you are interested in military history. For the World War II history buff, the possibilities are endless and the replicas are exquisite. You can own a complete line of precision diecast military vehicles, perfectly reproduced in miniature. You can also find wonderful die cast airplane models to add to your aviation model collection.

From cargo trucks to tanks, gun ships, and bombers, you can put together an impressive collection.Once you have made a start to your collection of car replicas, there are other accessories available to complement your collection. You can purchase figurines of body shop and car wash workers to display alongside your cars.

If gangsters are up your alley, you can get gangster figurines, complete with gangster molls. If your collection includes hot rods, you might consider some bikini car wash babes to add spice. You can also display your collection with historically accurate replicas of gas pumps and fire hydrants from the 50s and 60s.Collecting die cast car replicas can be a perfect way to indulge your love of the motoring life, without going into debt or building a new garage.

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