NFL sports memorabilia collecting

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There are many ways to collect NFL stuff
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NFL sports memorabilia collecting makes fans part of the game

National Football League games only last a few hours and the season for non-playoff teams is just a few months. If you're a diehard pro football fan, you've got plenty of time to fill in-between games and seasons to nurture and grow your love of the game.

One of the best and most fun ways to do this is by collecting NFL sports memorabilia. From trading cards to autographs to jerseys to historic items, there are plenty of pro football collectibles for your budget, space and time. Here are some tips to help you get started in the fun and fascinating hobby of collecting NFL sports memorabilia.

Memorabilia refers to any items associated with a team, player, specific events or venues. The NFL has had dozens of teams throughout its history with thousands of players competing in historic stadiums like Lambeau Field in Green Bay, playing in memorable games and playoffs leading up to the Super Bowl and previous championships.

Collectibles for specific teams like the Cleveland Browns or the Miami Dolphins can include jerseys, helmets, mini-helmets, photographs and novelties like bobblehead dolls. If you prefer to collect items relating to specific players, autographs are the most popular collectibles - in books or on team-related items like jerseys, photograph and balls. If you're a fan of venerable old NFL stadiums, you can collect scale models, photographs, programs and even pieces of them like seats or containers of dirt.

Some collectibles like sports cards can cover all of these areas. The annual Super Bowl is a huge source of event collectibles like tickets and programs, but many fans prefer memorabilia from historic events like the 1967 Ice Bowl in Green Bay or personal events like the rookie season of a Hall of Famer or the last game of a favorite player who's retiring or of a team that is moving. Because pro football has been around for so long, there are also many vintage collectibles like cereal boxes, matchbook covers and old souvenirs.

Whatever items you decide to collect, it's most important that they be official National Football League items licensed by the league and not knock-offs, cheap imitations or fakes. When collecting autographs, signed memorabilia or historic items, it's crucial that you purchase them from a reputable dealer who can provide identifying documents or a Certificate of Authenticity. 

The value of your sports memorabilia collection can be personal or monetary or both. The personal value can come from the fun of following a favorite player or team or from the challenge of collecting a complete set of items, like a mini helmet from each team, an autograph from each player on a special team or a full set of sports cards from a certain year.

The monetary value of memorabilia can depend on the rarity of the item, the completeness of a collection or intangibles like the death of a popular player. Many authorized dealers of sports memorabilia offer price guides to help determine the value of a collection and most will appraise an item or collection for a fee. This is especially important if you're planning to insure your collection.

Collecting NFL sports memorabilia is a great way to enhance your enjoyment of the sport year-round and feel like a part of the sport without having to buy a team or get in shape.

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