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Some relevant facts about renting books online

The option to rent books online saves money for the average reading consumer. A minimal monthly fee insures that customers can rent as many books as they can read. Modeled on the concept of that old library card, to rent books online is more expensive but there are many prices and plans available to fit every budget and preference.

In some respects, renting books online is like using that library card except for the fact that it is not free. This trend is on the rise, and it has a great appeal for voracious readers. It not only saves them the cost of buying the book, it is also a wonderful “green” idea that saves a few trees as well. To rent books online is as Martha Stewart used to say (and still does) “a good thing.”

What are some of the advantages associated with renting books online?

1- Renting books online saves money

Being able to rent books online is a big money saver. It is not unusual for a best-selling book to cost anywhere between $15-$30 and if you can read two books a month, you are financially ahead of the game.

2- You build a list of desired books when you rent books online

When you rent books online, you enter the books you wish to read, the order in which you want them and how many books you want delivered at the same time. This list becomes your customized list of preferences.

3- Diversity of selection

The availability of even the newest titles appeals to voracious readers. Best sellers are stocked at the highest possible levels due to an anticipated demand for them. It is not unusual for a popular online rental company to carry 60- 170,000 titles to choose from. Selections range from hardbound books, paperbacks, audio books and some even have textbooks. Paperback rentals are generally the most popular for the simple reason that they are the least expensive.

4- The books are literally delivered to your mailbox

There is no trudging to the local library when you can spare some time to pick the books that you like. When you rent books online, they come to you and are left on your doorstep.

5- Keep the books as long as you want

Unlike the library, there are never any late fees when renting books online.

6- Free shipping

When you rent books online, shipping is always free.

7- Trial plans eliminate monetary risks

A trial plan is a wonderful way to rent books online and save money at the same time. Try out the service for a month, which is ample time to determine whether or not the delivery times and available titles work for you.

Online book rental plans do vary in price and structure, and some even offer the nifty option to donate old books for credit either towards monthly bills or the purchase of brand new books from their retail site.

If you take the time to do your homework, you can find the cheapest books online and the best online book rental plan for you.

Happy reading!

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