What to add to your plush animal collection

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Giant stuffed monkey
Time to give your tired old plush animal collection some love
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Give your collection an update with these plush animal additions

Let's face it, no one loves your plush like you do. Whether you started collecting out of a sense of ironic fun (and you just couldn't resist the cuteness), to recapture your lost youth, or you had one little cuddly piece and it just... multiplied, your collection is uniquely your own. Regardless of what started your obsession, you may have found yourself stuck in a place where you're just not sure what else to add. The following are a few interesting additions to spice up your plush life. 

Big and Little

Sometimes in a collection, size matters. Because sure, you may have a little plush monkey which you love, but do you have a GIANT plush monkey? They're big, they're eye-catching, they're huggable. What's not to love? Of course, you don't want more than maybe one or two of these enormous specimens, because honestly, where would you put them?

But then you get to think on the tiny side. Disney's Tsum Tsum Minis, with little pill shaped versions of all your favorite Disney characters, new and old, are all the rage right now (and highly collectible), as are palm-sized stuffed emojis. These little guys make great stocking stuffers and add-ons for birthday gifts (hint hint to your family, friends, and significant other), and you can tuck them in anywhere: on your desk at work, in an otherwise boring corner of your bookshelf, on a keychain, even in your car. You will never be without a little stuffed friend again! 

When Geek Meets Plush

So, we mentioned stuffed emojis, but what if you want something a little more... retro? Did you know that, with the all girl reboot of Ghost Busters, you can make a Ghost Buster Build-A-Bear? It's true! And what about a stuffed Superman or Deadpool to warm your geeky heart? Comic heroes are back in full force, and that means you are bound to find a plush version of your favorite childhood crime fighter somewhere.

If you want more, a quick Google search will bring up everything from stuffed replicas of video and super-geeky board game pieces (you know you want a stuffed meeple now) to fuzzy Star Trek and Star Wars memorabilia to squishable Pokemon (and now you won't be able to rest until you've got your hands on a fuzzy Pikachu) to, yes, for the super science geeks, Giant Plush Microbes. It's a thing. I promise. Go look.


You keep up with current events, so why not commemorate 2016 with some huggable presidential candidates, or a plush Putin to bring things up to date? This is also the year of Brexit, so you'd never forget just when you bought that stuffed Union Jack to cry into. It's a mad world out there. Might as well have something to squeeze and old on tight.

For more conventional additions to your collection, you will be pleased to know that not only is Ty still making Beanie Babies, but they have a new line of Beanies called Beanie Boos. The Boos are larger than the original Babies with big, irresistible sparkling eyes and come in every color and species you can think of.

If you're wanting something a little more realistic looking, have you seen the Wild Republic Cuddlekins? These cuties can help you fill some very niche spots in your fuzzy roster with hammerhead sharks, tapirs, even sloths. The San Francisco Zoo will have nothing on your animal collection. And last, but certainly not least, is the super popular Furby Connects. It's a new kind of Furby which, you guessed it, connects via a downloadable app to the Furby Connect World so they can talk... organize... collude, as it were, and probably take over OUR world while we're busy fighting over who's best fit (or least unfit) to be our next president and watching all the latest cat videos. 

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