Where to find Amish designs for the home

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Amish baby bed
Lovely Amish baby bed
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Iconic decor is in reach if you know where to find Amish designs for the home

If you are a huge fan of Amish goods and workmanship but don't live anywhere near an Amish community, where to find Amish designs for the home may be a bit problematic. Think again! You can look at these products online and buy them. It doesn't get any more convenient than that. Problem solved.

The Amish are well-acknowledged for their ability to build virtually anything and build it well. Quality materials are always used, which gives the end product durability, strength and visual beauty. If you want an Amish-crafted bed -- or chair, table or chest -- in white oak, maple, hickory or walnut, all hardwoods, these craftsmen can deliver that.

These individuals pride themselves on their workmanship and the quality of their products. They combine old-style craftsmanship with superior materials, creating works of art as well as those of functionality. When am items provides both ideal function and form this makes for a comfortable and beautiful home.

These craftsmen use techniques taught to them by their forebearers, which produce fine designs including mortise-and-tenon joinery, dovetailed drawers, countersunk screws instead of nails, solid wood construction rather than particle board or laminates, stretched-based chairs and kiln-driven wood, which eliminates the possibility of splitting, warping and cracking.

The designs created by the Amish are popular because buyers realize the benefits of both old and contemporary designs. The products are pretty to look at and touch because of the natural wood used.

The furniture is green-friendly because it is hand-crafted, using old methods, steering clear of potentially hazardous manufacturing products, such as chemical resins.

If there are imperfections in an item, it is rejected by the craftsman who easily spots mistakes because the item is made by and not by machine.

They take extreme pride in their work and do not create or sell something they would not feature (and use) in their own home. They respect their craft.

The Amish believe a job well done denotes a commitment to decidedly significant labor. This is a reflection of their religious beliefs. Young children begin learning a craft early in life. Work is considered a fervent demonstration of one's spiritual service. 

The reason this religious group excels at building is due to the necessity in the past (and now) to build structures, such as barns and homes. In other words, they have had a lot of practice. Barn raisings are always a community undertaking. Everyone joins in and helps.

When building a structure for their animals (e.g., draft horses) upon which they rely, they know the animals must live comfortably and safely in the barn. The building is built properly with attention to detail. The builders take into consideration the kind of animal living in the structure, its size and use as well as its strength.

Also taken under advisement are temperatures from season to season as well as the lay of the land. They know which elements to use in construction ensuring longevity and strength of the building. The same attention to detail and quality goes into furniture building. They do not cut corners.

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