Who can learn to paint

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Learn to paint
Explore your artistic side by learning how to paint
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Anyone! That's the answer to who can learn to paint

Painting is a task that may be done as a hobby, a task at home or even as part of your work.

Tasks such as painting your bedroom or living room walls may seem either easy or difficult for you depending on your comfort levels with paints and do-it-yourself projects. People who have a green or non-painting thumb may decide to hire a professional who can do the job most efficiently and quickly. Aside from being work however, painting is also a popular past-time and activity done by many artists. Some artists are even able to make a living out of their hobby by painting pictures professionally and selling their work at art galleries, stores, in museums and even on-line.

However, you do not have to be an artist or a professional to start painting. In fact, if you're wondering who can learn to paint, the answer is simple: anyone!

As with any other hobby or activity, such as running, drawing, sewing or cooking, it is possible to learn how to do anything you set your mind to. Although you may not excel at the chosen activity or become rich from it, you can learn the basics of how to run, sew or cook - and paint - simply by putting some time, effort and concentration into learning properly. When you are learning a new skill such as painting, the key is to gather your painting supplies, be patient, willing to learn, open-minded and willing to make mistakes.

Artists and non-artists

People who can learn how to paint, and excel at it, typically possess the skills of an artist. Such characteristics typically include creativity, passion, an eye for detail and a perceptive mind. Since painting is an artistic task similar to drawing, having a creative mind and good hand coordination is ideal.

However, those with little artistic talents or skills need not worry. Rather, non-artists can also learn how to paint. People who are not naturally artistic can still learn to paint simply by putting paint to paper and seeing what happens. Painting is an activity that allows you to explore yourself, your thoughts and your interests. There really is no wrong way or thing to paint as even some of the most famous paintings in the world boggle people's minds. A picture is both perceptive and subjective, meaning that it's perceptions, views and meanings may be construed a number of ways by the observers.


Kids are a great example of who can learn to paint. As a child, you have less fear and worries about your capabilities and skills set. Because of this, a child is more likely to start painting without over-thinking whether he or she is any good at it or what the produced product should look like. Kids are also more open-minded and less influenced at young ages, increasing the likelihood that their paintings and ideas are solely their own.

People with disabilities

People with disabilities are another example of who can learn to paint. Although you may think that you need to have full use of your hands and fine motor skills to paint properly, this isn't always the case. Rather, there are several painters, amateurs and professionals, who may paint using other extremities such as their feet, toes and mouth. In fact, several associations and programs are available today for people with disabilities to learn how to paint, progress their skills and explore their creativity sides. Furthermore, many of these artists may sell their work as cards or paintings, whereby sales profits are donated to charity or towards the artists' program association itself.

Above all, it is important to remember that there is no single answer to the question of who can learn to paint. Just like anything else in life, painting can be accomplished by just about anyone who puts the time, effort and learning. If you feel frustrated, stuck or like you've failed at a project, just give yourself a break and look for more sources of inspiration in terms of teachers or ideas to start again. In the end, painting can be a fun and enjoyable task if you learn to appreciate it and have patience. The time spent learning and accomplishing a new task, whether big or small, is invaluable and never-ending.

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