Baseball cookies and more creative gifts

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baseball cookies gift
A box of sweet vanilla baseballs won't last long
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Baseball cookies are among our favorite fun gift ideas to make anyone smile

Giving a creative gift adds to the thrill of watching your special someone open it for the first time. Creativity takes the chore out of buying a present and the guess work out of hoping the person will like it. If it's fun for you to give, it'll be fun for them to receive.

These gifts are about more than what goes inside a box. Itís about thinking about someoneís interests, how they spend their time, and getting them something that reflects who they are. For instance, baseball cookies will make a whole little league teamís day while a bouquet of edible fruit will wow your momís eyes and appetite. All it takes is some frosting, a steady hand and round sugar cookies!

If youíre racking your brain for creative gifts ideas, stop stressing! This list includes ordinary sweets made extraordinary by decorating them with a theme, as well as clever gifts for curious friends.

To a Chocolate Lovers

Imagine a box arriving on your birthday, and inside you find a Happy Birthday ribbon wrapped around a dark chocolate layer cake that smells like heaven in a box. Someone knows you well! Or share the love and send a faraway friend a chocolate espresso cake complete with beeswax candles and white chocolate drizzle to your next birthday buddy.

To Someone Homesick

Regardless of where youíre from, everyone has something they crave from their home state. Stores like Wisconsin Made specialize in treats and gifts from the region, including sports apparel, popcorn and cheese! A number of companies make authentic pies and other treats for anyone longing for a taste of the tropics.

To an Athlete

He spends every possible hour of daylight outside trying to run faster, throw harder and hit further. Players live for the game and miss it dearly in the off-season. A surprise box of baseball cookies offers a little sugar boost and a happy treat between games. Remember, it's a super easy shape to make!

To a Wine Lover

Wine lovers always enjoy tasting a wine theyíve never had before, particularly when itís accompanied by chocolate, cheese or crackers. You can make up a simple wine basket yourself or purchase a pre-made wine gift basket from a wine shop. If you make it up yourself, consider including a blanket and corkscrew so your favorite couple can enjoy a spontaneous picnic on their anniversary.

To a Backyard Grill Master

Handing over groceries may not be the traditional way to approach gift-giving, but itís perfect for the grill aficionado of the family. For a special occasion, give the gift of smoked ribs and bacon, or a sampling of sausages. Include some grilling accessories or a small assortment of barbecue sauces and wrap it all up in a chefís hat or apron.

To an Explorer of the World

Itís always fun to get out of the house and do something just for the sake of fun or to visit a famous site. Getting tickets to a concert or sporting event leaves a friend with no choice but to accept an invitation. If museums, zoos or botanical gardens are more their style, surprise them by driving to the destination with only the vaguest of clues.

Day of Fun for Everyone

Skip the tickets all together and take an outdoorsy friend for a bike ride or to hike a trail theyíve never been to before. Many kayak rental companies offer guided tours, or they provide you with a map to set out on your own. Pack food to keep the party fueled, and be sure to give enough hints so she can dress appropriately for the activity. 

Gift giving is about making someoneís face light up. The wow factor of baseball cookies and other creative ideas shows a loved one that you know them better than they think you do.

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