Candy cane Christmas crafts

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pile of candy canes
Candy canes aren't just for eating...
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Go ahead, play with your food and fun with creative candy cane Christmas crafts!

One of the best known Christmas candies is without a doubt the candy cane.  While the candy cane can be a delicious snack, there's no reason you can't have some fun with it around the holidays.  Why not turn this classic treat into a stylish decoration as well? Candy cane Christmas crafts are festive and nostalgic.

Here are some simple, inexpensive ways to play with your food--and decorate your home with the holiday spirit!

Candy cane reindeer:

The first candy cane Christmas craft project will be the classic reindeer.  This candy cane craft is not only cute, but fast and fun to make.  You'll only need a few supplies:

  • pipe cleaners
  • ribbons
  • googly eyes
  • small pompoms
Hold your candy cane so that the hook of the cane is at the top and facing towards you.  Wrap a pipe cleaner tightly around the top of the hook (you might have to use some glue to get it to stay).  Once the pipe cleaner is stuck in place, bend it at different angles so that it resembles a reindeer's horns.  Glue on the googly eyes where you please, and a small pom pom on the end for a nose.  Tie a bow around the reindeer's neck for extra decoration. Voila!  You have yourself a cheery, Christmas-spirited reindeer.

Candy cane sleigh:

Gather up these Christmas goodies:

  • candy bar
  • assorted small candies
  • wrapping paper
Wrap your candy bar in some wrapping paper and glue it to two candy canes (have both hooked ends of the candy canes facing in the same direction and pointing upwards, to resemble a sleigh).  Take your other assorted candies and wrap them as well, transforming your basic sleigh into a Christmas sleigh bearing gifts.  This craft is not only simple, but it makes a great decoration for guests with a sweet tooth.

Candy cane centerpiece:

This craft takes a little more construction than the other two, but makes a great centerpiece for your holiday table:

  • holiday coaster
  • soup or any other cylindrical can
  • red or green paint
  • ribbon
  • candle
Take your soup can and paint it either red or green.  Once it's dried, glue it to your decorative, holiday coaster.  This can and coaster will be the skeleton for your centerpiece.  Grab the candy canes and glue them to the outside of the can, hooked edges at the top of the can and facing outwards.  Once these have dried, tie and glue a fancy ribbon around them--this will give your centerpiece some added class.  The candle will be placed in the center of the centerpiece (in the can) or perhaps sitting on top of the candy canes if you prefer a big candle.

Some of the simplest decorations can bring the biggest holiday cheer into your home.  These candy cane Christmas crafts are great and inexpensive, and can even be done as group projects with the whole family.  Let everyone join in with this fun and edible holiday project.

Candy cane crafts
Candy cane Christmas

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