Creating Christmas centerpieces

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Christmas table
Try one of these Christmas centerpieces for your holiday table and make every occasion a festive one.
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A decorative Christmas centerpiece can make your holiday table beautiful

At my house, the day after Thanksgiving is a day spent decorating for Christmas. We get out the Christmas music, put up our tree, and trim the house with Christmas holiday décor

Now that my kids are older, I don't have to keep all of my decorations on the upper shelves. I can keep lit candles out and not risk little burnt fingers. I can hang glass ornaments on the tree, and not worry that my boys are going to use them to play catch. I've started to experiment with Christmas centerpieces for our dining room table, and they can make every meal during the holidays a festive occasion.

Christmas centerpieces don't have to be difficult or expensive to make. You can often arrange something attractive with decorating supplies you already have around the home. You can also pick up some inexpensive items at the after-Christmas sales and save them for use next year.

Bowl of ornaments


Glass or crystal bowl
Medium ball ornaments, red and silver
Small ball ornaments, red and silver
Silver star garland


Situate the ornaments in the glass bowl in an attractive arrangement. Weave the garland through the ornaments.

Changing the color of the ornaments can easily vary this centerpiece. Try gold and blue or silver and blue. For a more festive, casual look, use multi-colored ornaments.

Cranberries and candles


Serving tray, crystal or silver
2 to 3 pounds of fresh cranberries
Several white candles of various sizes and heights
Small silver ball ornaments


Spread the cranberries evenly across the tray, discarding any that are shriveled or discolored. If using a silver tray, cover with a cloth to prevent the cranberries discoloring the silver.

Arrange the candles around the tray among the cranberries. Scatter the small silver ornaments amongst the berries.

You will need to replace the cranberries after several days.

Wreath centerpiece


Foam wreath shape, available at any craft store
Fresh or plastic greenery of various types
Large red pillar candle
Holly sprigs
Small silver and gold ball ornaments
Red plaid craft bow


Place the foam shape on a round serving tray for easy portability. Put the candle in the center of the foam wreath.

Stick the greenery into the foam wreath, arranging it to completely cover the foam. Alternate between styles of greenery to give a more pleasing effect. Randomly place holly sprigs into the greenery.

Place the silver and gold balls among the greenery, and place the craft bow in front of the candle.

Pile of presents


Red, silver, and gold foil wrapping paper
Three small square boxes
Scotch tape
Red, gold, and silver curling ribbon


Wrap the three boxes, one in each color of foil paper. Use the scissors to create mounds of ribbon curls in all three colors. Tape mounds of curling ribbon to the top of each package. Stack the gifts in a small pyramid in the center of your table. Scatter more ribbon curls around the base of the pyramid.

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