Earn extra money during the holidays

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Earn extra money during the holidays to cover your added expenses
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Working a seasonal job will help you pay for holiday expenses.

The holidays are a time of joy and celebration but they are also a time of added expense and stress. Many of us spend our paychecks on holiday gifts and travel expenses. Earn extra money during the holidays by working a seasonal job.

Calculate Your Expenses

To earn extra money during the holidays, start by crunching some numbers. How much will you be spending on presents? How much will your travel expenses amount to? Do you have any other expenses? Write them all down.

Factor in Your Schedule

Figure out how much time you are willing to work. If you are at home during the day with children, which days of the week would you like to work and for how many hours? Keep your ideal schedule in mind when looking for a holiday job, but try to be flexible most holiday jobs require you to work evenings and weekends.

The Job Hunt

Literally every retail store seeks additional employees during the holidays. Working at a retail store often provides you with a discount on merchandise. But don't limit yourself to working in a retail store there are more opportunities available if you are willing to open your mind and do a little more legwork. The following list will help you brainstorm. Remember that the earlier you start looking, the better your chances will be.

Temporary Office Work. This is great for someone who is at home with children during the day but would like to earn extra holiday cash. Many offices have absences during the holidays and need to fill these positions temporarily. Companies contact temporary employment agencies for their needs.

Dining Services. Many restaurants need additional help during the holidays. Catering halls also host many events during the holiday season, such as corporate holiday parties, winter weddings and other seasonal events.

Selling Christmas Trees. If you love Christmas trees and the outdoors, this could be a great job for you. Nurseries often sell Christmas trees and may be looking for extra help during the holidays. This is physical labor and will involve picking up trees, tying them up and probably helping people carry trees to their vehicles.

Santa and Santa's Helpers. Now we all know that Santa Claus is busy this time of year! Every mall and shopping center in the country has a Santa Claus offering photos during the holiday season. If you love kids and have a sunny, positive disposition, this can be a great way to earn extra holiday cash.

Babysitting. Check your local Yellow Pages for babysitting services. Many families will most likely be looking for a babysitter during the holidays so they may attend parties and events for work.

Your Services. If you offer some type of service, doing it during the holidays could be a great way to make extra holiday cash. If you design websites, work in graphic design, do face painting or accounting any service use it to earn extra money during the holidays. A great place to advertise your services is Craigslist, which provides free listings in many areas.

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