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Children always enjoy an exciting Easter egg hunt - and planning one is easy with these helpful tips
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Enjoy this traditional Easter activity.

Easter is coming and we all know what that means time for an Easter egg hunt! Fortunately, setting up an Easter egg hunt is fairly easy. But there are some important tips you'll want to keep in mind.

Get Everything in Place. When the kids are not in sight, get your decorated eggs ready and decide exactly where you want to have the Easter egg hunt. Also decide what time you want to have it.

Do The Walk. This is the ultimate tip and a real timesaver in the long run so don't skimp on this. Walk the area you are going to use as your Easter egg hunt and plan out where you'll be hiding eggs. Keep a list of exactly where the eggs will go. This is very important. You really don't want stinky eggs that you can't seem to find on your lawn in June!

Timing is Everything. When do you want to have your Easter egg hunt? Many people like to have their Easter egg hunt right before or right after church services on Easter Sunday. If you have it following church services, the children can dive into their Easter baskets. It may be hard to get them out the door otherwise.

Keep in mind
: you'll want to put down your Easter eggs as close to hunt time as possible. Every place has wild animals that might want to eat the Easter eggs (raccoons, for example). It will become messy and dirty if you have to deal with half-eaten Easter eggs all over your lawn.

Explain the Rules. The rules of an Easter egg hunt are simple. Each child has an Easter basket and they hunt for eggs. They can look within the parameters that you set. You may want to tell the number of eggs that you have hidden.

Take Pictures. Your children having an Easter egg hunt is an ideal time to get out your camera. They look adorable all dressed up, walking all around the yard looking for eggs. Take as many pictures as you can and be sure to send lots to grandma and grandpa.

Develop a Tradition. Many families make an Easter egg hunt a family tradition each year. This is a fun way to celebrate Easter if you have small children. They will look forward to this. Even older children enjoy this tradition for many years.

Looking for Easter eggs is lots of fun and it truly becomes a wonderful time for the family. Having an Easter egg hunt each year is a great way to introduce your children to the joy of Easter. They will learn how Easter is a happy time in the Christian calendar and you can easily teach them more about the holiday.

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