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Ipods and iPhones
iPods and iPhones make great gifts
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Electronics that make the best gifts

For holidays and birthdays, some friends and relatives always know how to buy the perfect gift. But if you are struggling to come up with a present for a loved one, forget ill-fitting clothes and useless knickknacks. These electronics gifts will bring joy to anyone.

iPods and iPhones
You really canít go wrong with an iPod or iPhone as a present! These sleek machines are all the rage amongst all age groups. If you have the iPod Touch or iPhone, you can surf the Internet, listen to music, play games, take photos, and utilize a huge variety of applications. Even the regular iPods are a great tool; you can listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks just about anywhere. And some vehicles, such as my Saturn Ion, have a plug that allows you to connect your iPod directly to your carís stereo system. There are many accessories for iPods and MP3 players available, such as cases and armbands, which can be given along with the iPod or iPhone. Both iPods and iPhones work seamlessly with iTunes, so if you give your loved one of these devices, you can also throw in an iTunes gift card so they can stock up on music or applications.

Amazon Kindle
The Amazon Kindle is by far one of my favorite electronics gifts. This wireless reading device is small and very portable. It is digital and receives a wireless signal, so you can download books from the Amazon bookstore directly from the Kindle. You can also buy them on the website if you prefer, and they will be sent directly to the Kindle. There are several other websites that offer electronic books in Kindle format for free (these are for books in the public domain, such as Jane Austin novels). The Kindle does not have a typical computer screen; there is no backlight and it is made to look like paper, so it is easy on your eyes. The Kindleís battery lasts for days and it can store hundreds of books at once time. Every time I travel, I take mine with me Ė it saves space and prevents me from having to select just one or two books.

GPS Navigator
If you are directionally challenged like me, a GPS navigator is one of the best presents you can ever receive. Some cars now come with them built in, but for cars that donít, these portable navigators are a must-have travel gadget. They used to be large and clunky, but they are now much smaller and attractive. These come preloaded with all U.S. maps, though you can usually pay extra to upgrade to international maps. In addition to showing you where you currently are and providing directions to locations, most GPS navigators also have features that can help you locate the nearest gas station, movie theater, restaurant, etc. If your loved one is frequently on the road or is known to get lost, one of these handy devices will make the perfect electronic gift.

Digital Picture Frame
If the person whom you are shopping for loves photos, there is no better gift than a digital picture frame. While some people still love scrapbooking and hanging up printed photographs, most people now take photos in the digital format. It only makes sense that you would display them digitally! The best part about this type of device is that you can select to have the photos randomly rotate, so you donít have to choose just one photo to display. Some people enjoy having a digital picture frame on their desks at work, while others prefer to hang them up at home. They can be somewhat distracting, so most people donít leave them on at all times, but it is very enjoyable to be able to watch a slideshow of your favorite photographs, especially when guests are over.

Flip Video Camera
The Flip Video Camera is an increasingly popular device. Video cameras have always been popular, but they are usually large and clunky, require expensive tapes, come with many cords, and other hassles. The Flip camera is extremely small and portable. It doesnít use tapes; you record video directly onto this small device. Depending on which model you buy, it can store either one hour or two hours of video. There are also no cords; the Flip comes with a USB arm that allows you to plug it directly into your computer. It comes with simple editing software that allows you to easily upload your videos to YouTube and other websites. There is also an HD version.

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