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Fun costumes are as easy as pie
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Great easy to do costumes leave more time for tricks and treats

Fall is the season for harvest festivals, hayrides through pumpkin patches and hot apple cider beneath falling red and gold leaves. It is not a time to be stuck indoors gluing and sewing an extravagant costume that will only be worn once.

Easy to do costumes are just as fun on Halloween night, minus all of the hassles prior. You can purchase the basic costume elements and add a few touches of your own, or raid the closet on October 31 and still come up with something clever or spooky.

This list includes suggestions for babies, kids, teens and adults because everybody deserves to dress up wild at least once a year.

Easy to do Costumes for Babies

Hula Girl – Slip a grass skirt over the diaper and a mini Hawaiian shirt on and you may just have the cutest hula girl ever. Hang a lei from the stroller to complete the look.

Storybook character – Little Red Riding Hood, Tinkerbell and Peterpan are just a few examples of classic storybook characters that inspire super easy to do costumes. A cape, wings and tights are the key pieces for each, and you can customize them what what you have around the house.


Cowboy/ Cowgirl – You can purchase Rhinestone cowgirl outfits complete with pink hats, fringe vests and pink boots. The cowboy in your life would probably be more comfortable in jeans with a large belt buckle, hat, and a kerchief tied around his neck. Either way, a cowboy hat will complete the outft perfectly. 

Clown – Clown outfits come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re an especially funny costume on kids. Oversized clown pants held up by suspenders and a colorful ragamuffin shirt can be embellished with large buttons and a goofy hair style. Keep makeup minimal with a red nose, oversized lips and exaggerated eyes.

Superhero – Nearly every child goes through at least one superhero phase. Online Halloween shops carry every superhero outfit you could want from The Hulk and Batgirl, to Batman.

Suggestions for Teens

Monsters – Teens who dress up like to put some personality into it. Vampires, zombies and mummies are widely available in stores, or you can put these together yourself with old clothes and clever makeup.

Witches and Wizards – Many kids grow up reading books on wizardry, like Harry Potter, so why not pay tribute to your favorite characters on Halloween. A long black cape, pointed hat and wand will leave no doubt of what you are when the lights go down.

Men and Women

Rock Star – So we don’t all get to know what it’s like to play for thousands of screaming fans, but we can pretend. You’ll need a microphone, an instrument and a charismatic attitude. Be yourself as a rock star or dress up as one you admire. Elvis, Mick Jagger, Blondie, Joan Jett and Hendrix are just a few icons to consider.

Star Trek – A fitted red V-neck shirt and black pants are about as easy to put together as it gets. Black shoes, sleek hair and sharp eye brows complete the look of the Star Trek crew.

Disco Diva – Dress up as a disco diva and prepare to be the center of attention. You may need to practice dancing in platforms, or simply kick them off once the music starts. Get yourself a big wig, some glitter makeup and let loose with the dance moves.

People love dressing up on Halloween because they can be anything or anyone they want to be. Don't let lack of time or money prevent you from joining the monster parade. Whether you have some craft supplies and makeup, or old clothes and a killer zombie walk you can create a simple costume that rivals the most elaborate show stoppers around. Now get out there and snag some Halloween treats with your fantastic and easy costume!

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