Holiday housewarming gifts

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Candles can add instant warmth to any new home
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Here are several holiday housewarming gifts that are perfect for a new home

The holidays are a perfect time to go to parties. You certainly can't go to a party empty handed! It is nice to bring your party host something perfect for the holidays: a lovely housewarming gift. There are many terrific ideas for home and garden gifts.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are a perfect housewarming gift. There are traditional, vintage, handmade and many more styles of Christmas ornaments available. Find a Christmas ornament that will appeal to the party host's personality and style. If your host is a gardener, a Christmas ornament with a gardening or floral theme would be well-suited. Classic designs for Christmas ornaments are symbols of the season, such as angels, nutcrackers (well-known from the ballet "The Nutcracker," which is often featured during the holidays), Santa Claus, snowmen and snowflakes.

Gourmet Goodies

Giving gourmet goodies is one of the more delicious holiday housewarming gifts. The holiday season offers us so many choices since companies come out with special holiday packages of their very best delights. A box of gourmet truffles or chocolates would be very welcome. So would a basket of fruits especially tropical ones. Another great idea is a selection of fine coffees and teas.


Wine and liquor is a great idea for most holiday parties. Godiva makes delicious chocolate-flavored liqueurs in milk chocolate, white chocolate and their original chocolate flavor. Rich and decadent, it is the perfect sweet treat for adults only. A classic bottle of Merlot or white wine is often an ideal gift for a dinner party. Dress your wine or liquor gift up in a fancy holiday-themed gift bag.

Kitchen Helpers

Other ideas for holiday housewarming gifts include holiday-themed kitchen towels. Your host will enjoy using these in the kitchen and these will add a pretty holiday decoration to his or her kitchen. A decorative holiday tray is also a great gift idea your host can use this to serve drinks or holiday snacks.


A holiday flowering plant is a beautiful holiday gift. The amaryllis and narcissus bulbs are popular choices. Narcissus bulbs also known as paper whites have small white flowers and give off the most delicious fragrance that will remind anyone of the loveliness of spring even in the dead of winter.

Gift Presentation

Presentation is important when giving a gift. Make your gift look pretty, with gaily decorated holiday gift wrapping and a matching card. Use a satin ribbon to tie a bow because it will hang softly and make your gift look elegant. Gift bags can be pretty too be sure to use lots of tissue paper so that your gift is a real surprise when the party host opens it.

Happy shopping!

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