Luxury Christmas stocking ideas for boys

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Boy with magic wand and hat
Boys love to learn how to do magic tricks. They are so cool and everyone is always astounded and wants to know how they did the trick
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You can make each little gift exciting for him.

Do you have a boy that you want to get extra special Christmas stocking gifts for this year? You can make him a wonderful, fun-filled Christmas stocking that he'll never forget! Here are just a few luxury Christmas stocking ideas for boys.

Presentation is Key

When making a luxury Christmas stocking, presentation is part of the whole package. The stocking itself and the way the Christmas stocking gifts are wrapped should look luxurious. The Christmas stocking can be a classic needlepoint stocking or a velvet stocking with his name monogrammed on it. Gift wrap each item and make them look unique and attractive.

Classic Action Figures

These are truly collectable items! If you have a boy, he may be excited about the idea of owning certain action figures. Some retired action figures can be worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Giving your child some of these action figures for Christmas would truly be a luxurious gift. It would be terrific to give them a great place to store these collectables, so they could gently play with them and then keep them safely.

Comic Books

Some boys love to collect comic books. These can also be worth a tremendous amount of money. Your boy probably has several favorite superheros. Your local comic book store can help you find some comic books that will thrill him.

Magic Tricks

Many boys love to learn how to do magic tricks. They are so cool and everyone is always astounded and wants to know how they did the trick. Buy him a magic wand and a deck of cards. has many articles dedicated to teaching magic tricks. Here are just a few of our magic guru's sites where he can learn some great tricks:


Boys love gadgets of all kinds! There are so many different types of gadgets, from MP3 players to cell phones and digital cameras. A new gadget as a toy could be a great luxury gift item for your boy. He would have so much fun learning how it works and would use it for hours and hours. There is even a new mini digital camera that is smaller than a deck of playing cards!

Gift Card

Boys love to have some spending money of their own. They can go to their favorite store and pick out the gift that they like the best. As kids' tastes changes so quickly, this is one of the best luxury Christmas stocking ideas for boys.

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