Luxury Christmas stocking ideas for your husband

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Your husband deserves an indulgent Christmas stocking
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Treat your husband to a special Christmas stocking.

Are you looking for luxury Christmas stocking ideas for your husband? Consider the following.

Stocking Presentation. Remember the importance of presentation. Velvet, brocade or needlepoint stockings are the most luxurious. To prolong your husband's anticipation, consider gift-wrapping each stocking present.

Gourmet Goodies. Most men have a favorite gourmet goody that they like to indulge in. It could be macadamia nuts or a dark chocolate Santa. Be sure to add some of his favorite luxurious gourmet goodies to his Christmas stocking.  

Gift Cards/Certificates. Buy your husband a gift card or certificate to his favorite store. You could also get him a gift certificate for an experience such as a round of golf or flying lessons.

Cigars. Not every man likes a good cigar, but for those that do this can be a great Christmas stocking item. Add a great cigar to his Christmas stocking and watch his eyes light up with joy.

Jewelry. Give your husband a money clip, watch or ring. Men have different preferences when it comes to jewelry keep his style in mind when selecting a piece of jewelry for him. Also consider engraved pieces.

Sports Items. Most men follow at least one team, if not several. Buy tickets to a game or season tickets. Give your husband sports memorabilia such as baseball cards or autographed sports equipment from his favorite athlete.

Favorite Indulgences. Remember that every man will have different ideas of what is truly indulgent. For some men, being indulgent involves a good cigar; others enjoy watching their favorite sports. Remember what your husband considers to be his favorite indulgence and you'll be sure to give a great gift for the holiday.

Using these luxury Christmas stocking ideas for your husband will ensure his happiness during the holiday season!

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