Mother's Day activities call for stealth

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Don't let the smile fool you; mom is yearning for something delightfully different to do on her special day.
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A Mother's Day of unusual activities makes for great memories

Chances are good she’s got too much bric-a-brac—collectibles that need frequent dusting. It’s a sure bet that one more potted plant is going to lead to the hiring of a full time gardener. And mostly everybody knows that Mom can only use so many pairs of pajamas.

New pajama ensembles—even pink ones with lace trim—tend to have their day in the sun but that day—Mother’s Day—soon deteriorates into a night of eternal darkness in a box at the bottom of her closet. Most moms have way too many pajamas—and plants and knick-knacks.

Folks who love her have a persistent inkling that rather than get gifts, mom would like to engage in some fun-filled activities. She’s craving some kind of Mother’s Day activities that involve no dusting or watering.

What are mom’s favorite activities?

Do something different this year. Think in circles to come up with interesting Mother’s Day activities. What is the glue that sticks together her circle of close friends? What is the most common topic of conversation among those in her sewing circle or book club? A cache her favorite old movies on DVD, beloved music on CD or exciting new audio books might hit the spot—the soft spot in her heart.

Is that a circular dart board on her closet door? Maybe escorting her to one of the friendly competitions hosted by the local dart club would be fun. A membership to a dart club or a gift certificate to a series of games at a local bowling alley also would be right up her alley.

Bowling alleys may offer darts, billiards, pinball and other games of skill as added attractions. You will be giving her some Mother’s Day activities that are a bit out of the ordinary, and able to be shared with friends.

Take her to the quiet side

And speaking of circles—when mom plops into a chair and says she’s been running in circles all day, think of some Mother’s Day activities that will help her relax. Encourage siestas. Keep an eye on things while she enjoys a carefree nap. Take her to an arboretum or a public garden full of blooms.

Mother’s Day activities can be carefree or calming. Consider the regenerative powers enjoyed by those who practice meditation. Numerous tapes and compact discs loaded with peaceful meditation music are easy to find and are priced just right. Some of the most popular feature Native American flute music.

Give mom some brain food

Mother’s Day activities frequently are high-energy activities. She’s on the go. She’s in the car. Many moms are working moms who juggle a million balls, all at one time. Mother’s Day activities could be crowned by an announcement that you’re planning to take her on a vacation.

But here’s the twist. Let her decide the ultimate destination. There are intriguing contenders among little-known and out-of-the-way places. Order a few travel videos about off-the-beaten-path vacations and gift wrap the boxes. Make one of her first Mother’s Day activities the grand opening of the videos. An adventure is impending.

Conduct some undercover detective work

Nothing is too far fetched when it comes to developing unusual Mother’s Day activities. Look around her favorite reading chair. What books are there? Who are the authors? A quick online search for area book signings will reveal a schedule of local appearances by mom’s favorite authors. How cool would it be if you invited mom to lunch and instead took her to see a famous writer?

Think creatively. It’s possible that this choice of Mother’s Day activities can be hatched with a call in advance to the author’s public relations person. The call may even prepare the way for some special treatment—the bestowal of a gift pack of the author’s previously published works or an invitation to the luncheon that often follows a book signing.

Similar investigative work may uncover ways to finagle meetings or arrange various other Mother’s Day activities related to celebrities, artists, singers or mom’s favorites in world of sports. Sometimes, it’s assumed that access to the stars—or pseudo stars—is impossible. Not so.

An important part of public relations work is to generate good press—favorable reviews and happy talk. Arranging a visit for mom certainly is a positive endeavor for any expert. Why? Mom will tell at least a million friends—and their families, too—about the amazing Mother’s Day activities she enjoyed that day. And she also will brag about the roundabout way in which you honored her with some Mother’s Day activities she’ll never forget.

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