How to shop for an animal lover

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Tips how to shop for an animal lover and give something they really love

Finding a gift for someone who adores animals is only hard because there’s so much to choose from. Power up with a good cup of coffee (or tea)! Here come all kinds of tips to help you shop for an animal lover.

Whether the special person on your list is a monkey-obsessed nephew or a spouse with a soft spot for dogs, there are fun gifts animal lovers of all ages. The first thing to do is put on your detective hat. Invite yourself along to walk the dog and keep an eye out for things they already have, and what they may need.

Dare you ask?

Asking someone what they want takes the mystery out of gift hunting, but it also ruins the surprise. Of course, there are sneaky ways to ask without being too obvious. Or you can pick their brains when they’re sleepy and less likely to recall the conversation. To preserve some element of surprise, ask them to give you a handful of ideas that way they won’t know exactly what’s coming.

Go with a theme

If they’re the sort of person who prefers practical gifts they can put to use, look for such items with an animal theme. For instance, a tea kettle shaped like a cow, a rooster alarm clock or towels featuring their favorite type of furball are all both usable and fun. For something a little more unique, consider a Smartphone speaker that looks like a cat and dances. 

Careful in the clothing department

Do you buy the sweatshirt with a pug on it or not? That may be the question of the day when you shop for an animal lover. The answer isn’t whether or not they are crazy for the sweet-faced huggers, but whether she’ll actually wear the shirt.

The safest clothing route is loungewear because then there’s no pressure for the recipient to wear the clothing in public. Who wouldn’t love to sleep in an over-sized puppy shirt? But wear it to the market, not so much.

Don't think so hard

Sometimes thinking too specifically can prevent you from seeing the full range of possibilities. You know she loves horses, but that still leaves you blank. Have you thought about making her something? Looking into gifts for pets and their owners?

Craft supplies stores often have clock-making kits and animal-shaped cutouts. Put the two together and you have a handmade, one-of-a-kind clock you can customize to her taste. Paint it the colors of her favorite breed or stain it to match her interior.


High-quality printers have made it possible to print photographs on blankets, canvasses, mugs, clothing even beautiful pieces of slate. What pet owner doesn’t have thousands of photos of their pets? You’ll need the largest file size possible to get the clearest results. A number of companies will do the printing for you, simply upload your file and choose what you want it printed on.

Animal-topped novelties

If you’re shopping for someone who appreciates novelties, consider getting an animal-topped lipstick, nail polish or even crayons. Jewelry lovers may appreciate a necklace featuring a turtle or elephant. Book lovers may love a poodle tote with a book featuring an animal character. 

Give them your time

Animal lovers are often animal activists, too. If money is tight or you simply want to spend more time in her company, suggest volunteering at a shelter together.

Other ways to volunteer include working at a local food bank to help distribute donated pet food, or starting one if your town doesn’t have one. Some senior citizens enjoy the companionship of pets, but may not have the mobility to walk and care for them as needed. Check with elderly neighbors or senior centers to see if anyone needs a little extra help.

When you shop for an animal lover you’re bound to come across a range of adorable wide-eyed furry faces. It’s a tough job. Enjoy!

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