Simple funny halloween costumes

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ghostbuster costume
Wear the costume, but let the ghosts have their fun on Halloween!
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Simple funny Halloween costumes will get everyone laughing in appreciation

Few are immune to the urge to dress up in something outrageous for Halloween. There’s something so satisfying about walking into a room as someone or something else, and getting instant reactions.

There are no rules to Halloween so you can go just about any route with a costume - scary, sexy or cute to name a few. But when you’re out of ideas and just want something that will make people chuckle, simple funny Halloween costumes are the way to go.

Whether you choose to make your own or purchase a costume, it’s the details that really help pull a costume off. If you’re a superhero, stand like one!

Simple Funny Halloween Costumes for Kids

Paper Doll – This costume idea shown on Disney’s Family Fun strikes the perfect balance of funny and clever, just hope it doesn’t rain. You can make this one yourself with a good, stiff poster board, and let the kids color it in.  This costume calls for little if any makeup, perhaps a spot of rouge on the cheeks, and can topped off with over-the-top frilly socks and crazy doll hair.

Garden Gnome - Dressing a young child up like a garden gnome is a simple matter of a fake beard, elf hat and suspenders. Garden gnomes are instantly recognizable, plus it’s hard not to laugh when you see a child in a beard.

Funny Teen Costumes

Just because you’ve outgrown trick-or-treating doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Besides, there’s candy AND dip at parties.

Prom Queen or King Zombified – This easy costume is funny because it puts a twist on the beauty pageant queen idea, and plays on a very common if silly fear of zombies. Practice your walk ahead of time and hit up the thrift stores for an old prom dress to add authenticity. Get a real prom royalty accessories if you can to boost the athenticity.  

Angry Birds – Adults and teens alike are addicted to this simple game. No shame. Have your friends dress up, too, and throw yourselves into the party for an entrance nobody will miss.

Charlie Brown – Dressing up like Charlie Brown from Peanuts may be the simplest costume there is. All you need are brown shoes, yellow socks, black sorts and yellow tee shirt with that iconic black zigzag across the front. You may have to watch ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ to perfect your impression. Extra points if you have a little white dog with black ears.

Simple Funny Halloween Costumes for Adults

Adults can get away with any kind of funny costume whether it’s goofy or so stereotypical it’s humorous.

Portrait Cutout - Looking for a goofy costume that you can take on and off with ease? You can purchase or make your very own portrait costume with basic materials. For instance, blow up a picture of the Golden Girls so the heads are life size and frame it, then cut out the face of one of the characters. Hold up the portrait or strap it around your waist and strike a pose. This idea works for movie posters, and book or album covers as well.

Head on a Tray – Ever wondered how it would feel to serve your head on a tray? Halloween is the perfect time to make all of these dreams come true. Head on a tray costumes are fun and easy to make. One viewer sent The Ellen Degeneres show this picture of a homemade Halloween head on a platter costume. Up the humor factor for this costume using your own clothes and looking none too pleased that your head is on a platter. Even better, try making eyes at a friend, winking and blowing kisses.

Where’s Waldo – You’d have a hard time finding an adult who wouldn’t find joy in letting you know exactly where Waldo is. Of course you’ll want to mix and mingle to keep your friends on their toes.

Ghost Buster – This costume is a perfect Halloween costume even for people who don’t normally dress up. Zapping ghosts gives you a fun ice-breaker and the utilitarian jumpsuit looks good on everyone. If you purchase this costume from an online store that specializes in everything for Halloween, the backpack and gun are inflatable and strap on the shoulder. Expect to hear ‘Who you gonna call?’ all night.

Halloween costumes don’t have to be complicated and cumbersome. If an idea amuses you, it'll make your friends laugh, too.


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