What to send for Thanksgiving gifts

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Thanksgiving turkey treats
Thanksgiving treats for everyone
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Wondering what to send for Thanksgiving gifts to share the season's bounty?

The best Thursday of the whole year brings friends and family together at one table to break bread, toast and feast on the meal thatís been taunting them all day. The football game plays in the background and later everyone will enjoy pie before the turkey dinner sends them into a deep, peaceful sleep. Itís perfect holiday, but thereís often someone missing.

Whether your daughter couldnít make the drive home from college or grandpaís decided to stay south for the crisp day, missing someone special goes with the territory. Sending them a little something helps ease the mind from dwelling on an empty chair. Itís also a fun way to let them know theyíre in your thoughts.

Deciding what to send for Thanksgiving is easy. Opt for something your recipients can enjoy right away and share with company. Since the holiday originated to celebrate the harvest, edible treats and beverages are naturally a good choice, like gourmet gift baskets, prepared meals and baked goods.

Food gifts

Most people associate the holiday with seasonal comfort foods Ė pies, coffee cakes and a full array of buttered breads and maple glazed veggies. Of these usual suspects, dry foods are the best candidates for shipping long distances. And if you donít have time to bake the goods yourself, plenty of online gourmet shops know how to ship edibles so they arrive in perfect condition.

Prefer to go the homemade route? Jams, chutneys and pickled veggies are thoughtful gifts around this time of year. They complement a wide array of meals, adding intense flavor to everything from mashed potatoes to a turkey sandwich. Make a large batch and youíll have delicious gift for everyone on your list.

For those who don't have a big sweet tooth, savory treats are just as welcome and simple to make. Create your own hot sauce or infuse olive oil with fresh herbs for a one-of-a-kind gift thatíll last beyond that week of turkey leftovers. 

To make hot sauce from scratch, take a cue from Life Hack and blend hot peppers, salt and vinegar and let the mixture sit in a jar for about a week. Add your own personal touch with cilantro, peach, mango, pineapple or other spice-complimenting ingredients.


Maybe you don't enjoy getting crafty in the kitchen, you're not alone. Thatís why so many happily accept an invitation from the cook in the family. So donít worry if youíre stilling wondering what to send for Thanksgiving. The list of correct answers includes spirits.

Thatís right, opening a bottle of wine given by a friend feels positively luxurious. Choose one you know well so thereís no question theyíll enjoy it. Non-alcoholic sparkling cider is a tasty alternative for people who donít drink alcohol.

In addition to wine, spirits like rum and brandy are an excellent choice. With this, the host has something new to try and wonít run through her liquor cabinet entertaining. If youíre delivering it yourself, add a vanilla bean and pour it into a special bottle to infuse it with a personal touch.

For the kiddies

Children love Thanksgiving for a myriad of reasons Ė no school, visiting family, parades Ė and of course getting to indulge in traditional sweets. Avoid redundancy by skipping the pie making and going right to the candied nuts and chocolate bark. Pack them in a beautiful box or tin and youíll know exactly what to send for Thanksgiving this year and every year after. 

These gift ideas have a little something for everyone, which is the best thing about this holiday. No two families are exactly alike, but everybody loves the excitement of opening a present from a loved one and knowing how much thought and heart went into putting it together.

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