Bathroom renovation tips

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bathroom renovation tips
Your renovation project will be well worth it when you can retreat to the comfort and solitude of your bathroom for a soothing shower or a luxurious bubble bath.
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Don't flush money down the toilet! Inspiring Bathroom renovation tips

The Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home; not only is it critical for personal hygiene, but it serves as a kind of personal retreat, a room where one can relax in complete privacy.  Typically, the bathroom is the first room we use in the morning, and the last room we use at night.  No wonder then that bathroom remodeling is one of the most common home improvement projects.  These helpful bathroom renovation tips and ideas will inspire you, and prevent you from flushing your money down the toilet!

Step 1:  Do Your Research!  Collect bathroom renovation tips, ideas, products, materials, colors, models and designs.  Browse through design, architecture, and home improvement magazines.  Clip out designs and styles that you find appealing, and keep these ideas in a folder.  Visit your local library or book store and examine books on home improvement ideas.  Many of these books have guides and informative instructions to help you tackle renovation projects. 

Step 2:  Do it Yourself or Hire a Pro?  It is important to evaluate the scope of your bathroom renovation project.  If it is merely a surface alteration, you may be able to remodel the room your self.  If the project is more extensive, you may need to hire a professional.  If you do plan to hire a contractor, one of the most valuable bathroom renovation tips is ensuring that your contractor is properly licensed!  Licensure is a mark of quality, workmanship and dedication.  It also means that your contractor is properly insured. 

Step 3:  Consider Moisture Resistant Materials.  Moisture is the most common culprit in bathrooms.  For this reason it is important to use moisture-resistant products.  For example, moisture resistant dry wall, called “green board” is a must.  In the very wet areas like showers and baths, you should use moisture-proof backer board.  When it comes to bathroom flooring, tile has been highly popular, but plenty of other options do exist.  Whatever you do, avoid hardwood flooring, because wood does not tolerate moisture well.  Adding a fan, or a heat lamp to your bathroom can also help to reduce moisture and mold issues.

Step 4:  Everything but the…Bathroom Sink!  It is so easy to get carried away will all the beautiful options for bathroom fixtures!  Pedestal sinks, or corner sinks can be a smart space-saving choice for smaller bathrooms, while double bathroom vanities with under-mount sinks can be ideal for larger bathrooms.  These days there is also a wide variety of high end artisan sinks. 

Step 5:  Rub-a-dub-dub, Renovate your Tub!  Bath tub restoration can rejuvenate your old bath tub without the worrisome cost of a full-blown renovation or bath tub replacement.  Fiberglass bath tub refinishing, cast iron, or even porcelain bath tub refinishing is accomplished with the application of either a custom-fitted liner, or applying a new finish on the surface.  Bath tub Liners are available is an array of colors, so it is possible to match old your tub to your new bathroom décor!  If you do plan to replace your tub, the options are endless.  Whether you are looking for a jacuzzi tub with massaging jets, a contemporary bathroom design with rectangular shapes and sharp lines, or a vintage, cast iron, claw foot soaking tub… there is something out there for everyone!

Step 6:  Green Ideas for Your Bathroom.  These days we need to consider our environmental impact.  Implementing green bathroom renovation tips will save you money, energy, water, and you probably won’t even notice a difference!  Installing a low flow shower head, a low flow toilet, or a tankless hot water heater are some of the best suggestions.  There are even tax credits and rebates from the government that are motivating consumers to purchase environmentally sound products.  Visit the US Department of Energy for more tips on water saving and energy-saving solutions.

Step 7:  Final Touches.  Simple accessories such as decorative towels, colorful shower curtains, and unique bath mats can provide a low budget face lift for any bathroom.   For example, transform vintage, antique hat boxes into shelves to hold your favorite bath products.  Adding candles or moisture tolerant potted plants, such as ferns or tropical plants, is another simple way to create ambiance. 

At the end of the day, your renovation project will be well worth it when you can retreat to the comfort and solitude of your bathroom for a soothing shower or a luxurious bubble bath. 

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