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sea theme shower curtain
A seaside or ocean theme is a natural idea for a bathroom
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Consider some of these bathroom theme ideas to create a fun, creative space

Deciding upon bathroom theme ideas requires some consideration of your "audience" and the overall style of your home and family. No matter what look you are trying to re-create and whether you opt for a formal and traditional powder room, or a kid-themed family bathroom, a beautifully decorated bathroom is sure to get plenty of visits: the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house!

Sometimes it doesn’t take much; just slight flourishes such as stripes, to brighten up a dull-looking bathroom. Spicing up, whether you go for stripes or polka dots (which are great for kids’ bathrooms, by the way), only needs a light touch. Some bathroom decors can be switched from blah to "wow," with paint, wallpaper borders, new towels and a few decorating accessories.

By themselves, bathrooms are not very interesting. Mirrors are usually plain, light fixture and counters rather mundane. Sometimes a single alteration, such as a new and different light fixture, can make a sweeping statement in the look of your bathroom.

Before you start any bathroom remodeling project, make certain that your dedicate resources and time to repairing problems such as leaks and bad caulking rather than beautifying the room. Water damage can be very costly and it can seep into the foundation of your home, rotting out the wood and leading to insect infestation.

In the long run, the first consideration for bathroom themes should be longevity. While trendy themes such as popular movies, favorite celebrities, and hobbies are appealing, when those interests fade, redecoration may well be in order. If you want to experiment with different bathroom themes, use neutral base colors such as soft shades of cream, blue, green, or yellow because these tones will coordinate easily with future redecorating plans.

What are some different bathroom theme ideas?

1- Under the sea
You may not be seeking to replicate the view from 20,000 leagues under the sea, but perhaps you are hoping for the sensation of the world as seen from beneath the surface of the water. Begin with basic aquatic colors such as teal, blue and green in light soothing shades. You might want to add a splash of “sea scenery” (be careful; don’t go over board) with seashells, dolphins etc. The floors, cabinets and shelving could be light shades of brown, which might simulate sand, and a white ceiling fosters the illusion of clouds. A final touch could be a shell-shaped sink.

2- Rainforest
This bathroom theme can be easily achieved by integrating flooring and wall covering made of bamboo. You can also incorporate eco-friendly products that complement bamboo, which is the world’s fastest growing wood. Mixing different wood trimmings and grains will create a unique effect on floors and walls. Accessories such as posters and prints that reflect the flora and fauna of tropical rainforests integrate well with this theme.

3- Rubber Duck
One of the most nostalgic and popular bathroom themes is the rubber duck. For most of us, these floating icons are positive symbols of childhood. They can be lined up on shelves or along the sink, and a pale yellow shower curtain, orange towels and a few other accessories will render all the “duckie” qualities you need except for maybe the ability to quack.

4-Americana Country
Country-themed bathrooms are great for families with growing kids. Choose a farmhouse friendly color scheme, like blue and red, or green and white. Decorate with accessories that are practical and time-tested. If your home includes a troop of growing boys, a farm motif is sure to please, with hearty green towels piled in a small wheelbarrow, a farm scene border and a soapdish or dispenser with iconic farmland logos.

5- Zen
One of the most imaginative bathroom themes, this modeling scheme focuses on balance and nature, a look achieved by utilizing neutral and calming colors with accessories like candles and wicker baskets. Bamboo towel racks and toilet-paper holders add to the effect as well as tropical plants and a water-resistant CD player that plays soothing nature sounds. More ideas include Some ideas include integrating small palms, Asian lettering and bamboo in different designs. Mosaics and etched glass are often used as well. Use scented candles and potpourri with Asian accents.

The only limits to the many different bathroom themes are those of your own imagination. Whether you opt for a room that is quiet and generally eco-friendly or fun and kooky, the sky is the limit. Via the use of appropriate accessories and coordinating colors, almost any idea for a bathroom theme can be achieved.

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