Fall decorating ideas

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Here are some fall decorating ideas

It’s that time of year when your children head back to school, the leaves begin to fall and a slight chill lingers in the air. Touches of fall are synonymous with earthly colors and tones and can be as subtle or as flaming as your tastes dictate. Autumn is that special time when inspiration for home décor can and usually does derive almost completely from the creations of dear old Mother Nature herself. The goal of fall decorating ideas is to capture the season, adding spice and warmth and even your own pumpkin patch, if you so desire, to your home and garden.

Fall decorating ideas do not have to be expensive. Almost everything you need is in your own backyard. Colored leaves, pumpkins and gourds, dried corn, or raffia decorations are all flourishes unique to the fall season that make wonderful centerpieces, floral arrangements and wreaths. As is the case of many things, it is the small touches in fall decorating ideas that go a long way in creating a seasonal atmosphere.

What are some specific fall decorating ideas?

1- The versatile pumpkin; both figuratively as a symbol of the season and literally as food

There is perhaps no other food more symbolic of the fall season than the striking orange pumpkin. In October, they are commonplace on windows and doorsteps, but pumpkins aren't just for Halloween. Mini pumpkins lined up on the mantle of your fireplace make a nice seasonal touch, especially when you place some leaves in between each one. If left intact, they make fine decorations for most of the fall season, and then, just when you thought it was time to say goodbye, there is always pumpkin pie.

If you're planning on cooking with fresh pumpkin, you will need the sugar pumpkin, a smaller, sweeter variety. The pulp of the larger jack-o-lantern pumpkins is too stringy and watery to cook with, although it is perfect for your windowsill or doorstep. The seeds of these however, can be saved and baked for a delicious crunchy treat. It is a good idea to purchase both kinds for the season. Pumpkins can be used in many different recipes, from soups and breads to treats like pancakes and cookies.

2- Mums, apples, squash and corn; the flowers and vegetables of the season

Most farmers’ markets carry decorative Indian corn with its pale yellow and dark red, brown and black kernels, as well as rows of mums with their petals in rainbows of bright earth tones. Apple reds and greens, intense pumpkin orange and squash in all shades of green and yellow render splashes of fall color to the interior or exterior of your home.

3- Making centerpieces from nature’s bounty
Collect some colorful leaves, pine cones and acorns from your backyard. Gather small pumpkins, gourds, apples and Indian corn. Add a container to reflect the tone of the display. You can add a plain basket or fancy glass and/or bowl. The end result is a unique and beautiful centerpiece for your dining room table.

4- Imaginative table decorations from nature
Make candle-holders out of small gourds and mini pumpkins by cutting off the top of the gourd and scooping out the insides to make room for a small candle or tea light. Elevate the gourds on wooden stands to draw attention to them. Plan these decorations strategically (i.e., the morning before a dinner party) as they will only last for a few days. You might also consider hollowing out the inside of a larger gourd or small squash, to make a bowl in which to serve soup to your guests. If you decide to go that route, make sure to use a uniformly shaped gourd or squash with a flat bottom.

5- Halloween decorations for the home
Consider making the decorations for your home this Halloween. Not only will the extra effort save you money, it will also achieve a natural refined look that can remain in your home for the duration of the fall season. A few fall decorating ideas might include: making ‘tombstones’ for your garden with maybe a few fake spider webs adorning their tops, or some unique candles to spook all those who dare to enter your abode. There are candle molds made to look like zombies and mummies and they are easy and fun to make for children and adults.

Whatever fall decorating ideas you utilize for your home, add a dash of imagination. It goes with the season. Simple, natural touches are best as they can create a look that fits your own home, rendering both the interior and exterior a look that will last you all season.

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