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Find a wallpaper that fits your space perfectly
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Find a wallpaper using the tips below to choose one you really love

How to find a wallpaper?  The right design?  Right look?  Best fit?  One that can take punishment from the kids, or bring out the more sophisticated qualities of a room? 

For the prospective buyer, there can be a bevy of questions to answer during this process.  Fortunately, there are answers to help guide you along toward a beautiful, fitting, and/or economical wallpaper for that special room. 

Below, we take a look at various steps and stages to creating that perfect wallpapered space you've always dreamed of but were never able to make a reality. 


The necessary tools will be a prerequisite before finding that correct wallpaper for your space.  From wall primer to a seam roller, it will be important to know what you'll need prior to rolling your new wallpaper onto your wall.  Such items may include:
  • Water tray or paste activator

  • Brush or roller and paste
  • Wall primer
  • Smoother
  • Cutter
  • Trim guide
  • Seam roller

For an additional list of items that will be helpful as you work, head over to learn more.  Items like a stepladder, sponges, buckets, sandpaper, putty knife, and others, will be covered in detail. 

The Right Wallpaper for You

How to find a wallpaper that fits your space?  In terms of choosing the right wallpaper, the type of wall covering can be just as important as the right style.  

  • Most of the wall coverings you will be looking at are washable and cleanable, which is an important aspect to look into in such areas as the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area.
  • For those looking for wallpaper to place in more sophisticated areas, such as the living room, family room, or dining room, a vinyl-coated wallpaper can be a good investment.  It will help to add that touch of class and sophistication in your room. 
  • If it's wallpaper for the kids' rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms, in which you're looking to paper, paper-backed vinyl can be the right answer for you.  Solid vinyl and other fabric-backed wallpapers can also work in high traffic areas because they are durable and can take whatever is thrown their way (literally).
  • EasyChange wall coverings are available for those who might be slightly challenged during the application process.  They allow for a simplification of the process, both in instillation and future removal.  Certain types are non-pasted and require that the manufacturer's adhesive be used during the process.
To figure out things such as measuring or other such calculations on wallpaper, we've put these words into links that will take you to Steve's site that will help to answer all your pertinent questions.

The Right Style and Color for You

In terms of style, there will such variety to choose from, it may be mind-boggling to some buyers.  There are some stores that offer around 200,000 wallpaper patterns.  Just think about that for a moment.  Any and every conceivable pattern you could request is basically at your fingertips.  Depending upon room, size, wear and tear, desired look, pattern, and so on and so forth -- You could spend days looking through all the designs and patterns available. 

And we didn't even mention colors.  Be sure to look for run numbers, lot numbers, or run codes on the label or wall covering.  This is important because coverings are printed up in large batches, and in certain instances, the colors can vary slightly from one to the next. 

In order not to run out as you are wallpapering your son or daughter's beautiful new room, look to buy an extra roll or two, just in case.  Also, if you're not 100 percent certain of a measurement or such, bring all your pertinent data to the store (or through online communication) and check with a knowledgeable staff member before you start any wallpapering project. 


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