Make a small bathroom look bigger

By Michael Holland
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Spacious bathroom
A few simple tricks can make your small bathroom look bigger
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Therefore, if you need help making the most of your small space, the following are some bathroom decorating tips in regards to enlarging small bathrooms that may be useful to you:

Build up not out - Install cupboards and storage spaces high up on the wall. This will help you keep towels and toiletries off the floor and avoid clutter. Another good idea for small bathrooms is to install a rack or a few floating shelves above the toilet. These shelves are a great place to store facial tissue, toilet paper, toiletries or other knickknacks.

Sliding door If you have a standard door that opens into the bathroom, you lose space when it is open. Installing a sliding door in place of your current one will help you save space.

Wall mirrors One of the best ways to give small bathrooms the appearance of a larger room is to install mirrors on the walls. Mirrors act like large artificial windows as they help to create a feeling of openness in the room. Instead of feeling like the walls are closing in on you, mirrors are designed to enhance lighting because of their reflective qualities. Opt for larger mirrors rather than smaller ones. If it's possible given your space, use more than one so the light and feeling of space is multiplied from one mirror to another.

Good lighting Use wall sconces, general lighting and mirror lights to avoid having shadows cast in corners of the room. Many small bathrooms, specifically powder rooms, do not have any windows for natural light. Use higher wattage bulbs to create the best possible atmosphere.

Light, bright, paint Do not paint the walls dark colors and avoid using patterns. Light, bright warm or cool shades, such as yellow, green and blue, help to give style to the bathroom while opening up the space. Use a semi-gloss finish to allow light to reflect from the wall.

Get rid of excess clutter- Do not clutter small bathrooms with knickknacks, too many pictures on the wall, or excessive toiletry products. The emptier a room looks, the larger it looks. Don't fill your counter with brushes, makeup, hair care or body care products. Put these away in cupboards or store them in another room.

Consider storing all your cleaning products in a storage closet or laundry room instead of keeping them in your bathroom. If you would like to add decorations to give your bathroom more character, add a single small wall picture or hanging, or consider putting a small vase of flowers on a shelf.

Bathing options Depending on your money, time and remodeling skills, another option you can consider is to make better use of your bathing facilities. Many small bathrooms have a combined bathtub and shower up against one side of the wall. Bathtubs take up a lot of space. Consider removing the bathtub altogether and installing a shower cubicle. Although it is a smaller shower space, it gives you more freedom to move in your bathroom. You need to ask yourself which is more important to you: a larger bathing area or bathroom.

In addition to the aforementioned methods to make your bathroom look bigger, you might want to give it a facelift by following these bathroom decorating ideas - they're simple to do and go a long way.

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