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Finding a comfortable retro style
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Find the style that suits your tastes!

What decorating style do you think of when you envision lava lamps and butterfly chairs? The retro decorating ideas of the 1960s and 70s held these items captive, but is making a fabulously in-demand comeback as consumers look for alternative decorating ideas.

Retro decorating involves a period between 1920 and 1980, but is perhaps more popularly known for the 1960s, 70s and 80s timeline. This could be perhaps because the 1960s and beyond sparked a “love, peace, and happiness” period and a time when self-expression was dominant. This was a joyfully jubilant period and retro decorating ideas often reflect that period in various tastes and selections.

Materials, as well as style, can evoke a retro feel in your decorating. For example, wicker furniture often has the feel of the 1940s.

Are you thinking about decorating from a particular retro age? Interested in going back 30 to 40 years and lifting some tasteful pieces to deck out your living space? Where do you start?

Which Era?

First, decide on what time period or era that you wish to create. Will it be the 1950s with the dinette-styled kitchen table, or the high-back bar in the entertainment room? The 1950s decorating themes were reminiscent of a more relaxed time. Everyone sat on their front porches, or drank coffee at their kitchen tables and just enjoyed life. Your decorating ideas would perhaps reflect such a time as well.

How about the 1960s when just about everything was sealed with a peace sign, a love sign, or in bright, colorful bold solids?

Then there’s the 70s with strobe lights, shingle curtains, and bean bag chairs. Everything was simple, relaxed and so much fun. So how can you recreate the time period that you’re interested in and give it that authentic look?

Stay original with your pieces. Select pieces carefully for the time period that you are interested in. If something seems junky, examine it first before you discard it. See if you can fix it or restore it to a condition that is suitable for your needs.

Be creative. There are lots of original patterns and prints that you can find at fabric stores and second hand stores that will give you the “look” that you’re seeking.

Shop online. Find online retailers who specialize in retro decorating pieces for your home. The look is authentic and can give you just what you’re looking for.

Good retro decorating ideas are only as good as the pieces that you select so choose carefully. Look for authenticity, or if you must get duplicates, make sure that they pass the first glance test - - that is, that they look authentic at first glance.

Here are some ideas from the 60s and 70s era that will give you some retro decorating ideas of what was popular and available during that time period.


Peace signs - You can find this in art, wall coverings and in furniture coverings. Remember, this was a period of self-expression and free love.

Florals - Almost everything had a floral backdrop like art, furniture, etc.

Coffee tables - This is definitely a conversation piece and a 1960s relic.

Long sofas - With coverings to boot!

Butterfly chairs - With their raised backs and eclectic colors, they look great in teens bedrooms.


Fluorescent lights - This also includes strobe lights and disco lights. They actually make a good selection for lighting in obsure, hidden places.

Fabric-covered sofas - Think in green and orange coverings.

Beanbag chairs - This entertainment room staple never gets boring!

Blowup chairs - Akin to beanbag chairs, and just as popular for the entertainment room

Lava lamps - No living room would be complete without a great pair of lava lamps

Rotary phones - Yes, old-fashioned dialing is the way to communicate. What a quaint addition to your living room would this be.

Decorating is fun, and doing it retro style can be a blast! Be sure to find your preferences and decorating tastes and you will be happy with your selections for a long time to come!

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