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Recessed shelving is a space saving home improvement project that can also increase the value of your home
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Simple, creative tips to maximize space and storage for the home

Storage space is a commodity these days.  The majority of Americans live in small or medium size homes. Parents especially know the challenge of encouraging their children to put away their toys, organize their belongings, and find a proper place for things.  But storage for the home can be an elusive quest when closets, shelves and cabinets are already filled. 

Luckily, there are some creative and simple solutions that can help you to take advantage of unutilized storage space in your home.

1) Seek out furniture that offers storage for the home.  Look for multi-purpose furniture such as benches or ottomans with hinged tops for easy access storage, or children’s bed frames with under-bed drawers

2) Plan a closet cleaning day.  Recycle unwanted or unused clothes by donating items to the Salvation Army or other charity.

3) Increase your closet space.  Take advantage of unused vertical space by adding higher storage shelves.  Add extra hooks to hang jackets, coats, hats, or install tiered double hanging rods to accommodate shirts and pants.

4) For the bedroom, invest in stacked shoe racks, extra armoires, and dressers.  Vaccum sealed storage bags are a space saving method for storing unused bedding, and clothing.  These can be stored under beds or in linen closets.

5) Still need more shelf space?  Build a recessed cabinet to create more storage for the home.  This simple home improvement project will provide you with more space, and increase the value of your home.

6) Bathroom storage can be accomplished with additional towel racks, laundry hampers and hanging tiered baskets or containers to keep your counter tops free of shampoos and soaps.  Store hair dryers and other products in pull out drawers or stackable under sink containers.

7) Maximize overlooked storage space under the stairs.  Installing deep drawers or cabinet style doors under a staircase can help you capitalize on otherwise unused storage space.

8) Provide children with easy access open toy bins, toy chests and containers for play toys.  Help them to understand the value of donating old toys they no longer use.

9) Discover extra storage in your kitchen by adding space saving carousel cabinets, lazy susans and roll out shelves for deep cabinets.  Elegant overhead hanging pot racks can free up cabinet space as well.

10) The garage can offer additional underutilized storage for the home.  Add sturdy shelving to store rarely used items, paints, cleaning supplies, sports equipment.  Install hanging ceiling racks to store bicycles, and free up more floor space.

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