What is eco friendly living

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At last it's easy being green
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Learn what eco friendly living is and how you can be kind to your home planet

Committing to an eco friendly lifestyle is good for the environment, as well as your finances, health and overall wellbeing. Transitioning to this way of life is a learning process. The path is bound to be a little different for everyone, but itís worth it.

To ask "what is eco friendly living" is to take the first step. Kermit the Frog once lamented that itís not easy being green. The worldís brightest, most creative minds have since risen to the challenge and at last proved him wrong.

Today, itís easier and more affordable than ever to choose beautiful eco friendly home goods, organic foods and natural cleaning solutions. From the clothes you wear and the furniture you sit on every day, to the lights you turn off and organic waste you compost Ė every green habit you adapt makes a difference.

This lifestyle is about much more than buying peppers that arenít covered in pesticides. Itís about making conscious choices to do no harm to the environment. Ideas are important, but applying the practices and supporting other businesses and individuals who share the same purpose is where positive change occurs.

A huge plus is that green products also support your health by reducing your exposure to chemicals and pollution. That's why the answer to what is eco friendly living is best learned on your feet.

Tips for greener living

Remember the RRRs

Remember learning the about the 3 big Rs in grade school - Reduce, Recycle, Reuse? Stick to these principles to change the way your household generates waste. Reduce goods consumed. Reuse what you can. Recycle metal, plastic, glass and paper so they can reused by manufacturers.

Support wild life

Over-development has drastically decreased the natural habitats of countless species, including birds, bees and butterflies. Complement your existing outdoor space with birdhouses and feeders. Theyíll thank you by pollinating plants and adding natural entertainment to your oasis.

A little less illumination

Exterior lights keep getting brighter and more plentiful even though studies show they donít deter crime. Light pollution masks stars and runs up electricity bills. Set interior and exterior lights on a timer so theyíre on when you need them and automatically turn off when you donít.

Wear it again

Before squeezing the seasonís hot-but-fleeting trends into your closet, look at what you already have. Some of those older second-hand clothes and accessories add a unique, vintage charm to your look AND reduce clothing waste down the line. Eco friendly fashion looks and feels good.

Eco friendly home dťcor and accessories

Discover how pleasant it is to wake up on natural wool or cotton linens. Recycled glasses and flatware add the kind of special touches and style that make a dream home dreamy.

Fix it

In the moment it may be tempting to just toss out a broken shelf or that sofa the cat scratched up, but not so fast. Challenge yourself to repair these items. Watch a few online tutorials and head to the hardware store. 

Itís far cheaper to repair than to buy anew. If itís a new look you crave, paint or reupholster while youíre at it. These projects lend more meaning to old items and theyíre something you can do with the kids to show them first-hand what is eco friendly living.

Leave the car at home

When possible, walk, bike, carpool or hop on public transportation to get to where you want to go. Reducing the amount of fuel you use dramatically reduces your carbon footprint. Itís also more fun. Instead of gritting through traffic, you can read a book on a train or listen to birds while pedaling.

Keep growing

Along with veggies and handy skills, grow yourself a community of like-minded people. In addition to swapping tips and sharing resources, you can arrange garden and clothing swaps to increase variety without spending a dime.
Welcome to a new way of life!

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