Where to keep jewelry safe

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A pirate's bounty!
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Some creative thinking is required to keep jewelry safe!

From your least expensive costume pieces to items worth thousands of dollars, everyone needs a place to keep their jewelry safe. Whether itís your toddler who is in to everything, a teenage daughter looking for a perfect accessory or a thief who is looking for quick cash, having a plan in place can keep other peopleís hands off of your treasures.

Jewelry boxes

Jewelry boxes are the traditional way people store their jewelry and keep it safe. Most everybody knows this Ė which is what makes it the first place people with sticky fingers go to look.

For costume items you wear routinely, a smaller box that is easily accessible to you is fine. In it, youíll only keep a few items, so youíll know with a quick glance if anything is missing. Expensive fine jewelry and rarely worn items need a different home, one that is not simple to find.

Here are a few places you can hide or store your valuables

  • In the library. Your home library that is, even if itís only a few shelves in a larger bookcase. The idea is to have a few books that are hollowed out yet still look like they belong on your shelf. This only works if there are other books in the room, otherwise they are conspicuous. A thief will not want to go through every title you own on the off-chance they will find something.

  • With your movies. Old VHS boxes are great for holding lots of items. As with the books, though, this only works if you have other VHS movies Ė and a VCR.   

  • In the trashcan. Underneath the plastic bin liner is an out-of-the-way hiding place. Be sure that all your items are completely protected in case thereís a leak in the bag above.   

  • On ice. The freezer is being touted more and more often as the place to store your valuables, from jewelry to money. Thieves know this idea, too. So, instead of making your items look like unwanted mystery meat, wrap them and label them as a food item. Remember what it is, or youíll end up defrosting diamonds for dinner!  

  • Storage. Storage containers marked decorations, school projects or off-season clothes are handy for jewelry. Make sure the boxes arenít see-through and that they are put in a place that makes sense.  

  • Under lock and key. Install a safe that is firmly attached to the floor or that is too large and heavy for anyone to casually move for storing your jewelry and other important items. Some models are also fire and waterproof for additional protection. 

Places to avoid

  • A drawer at your bedside or in your dresser. This is, by far, the first place thieves will look. 

  • CD, DVD or game cases are also bad ideas. These items are easily pawned, which makes them a high target item. 

  • Portable safes. The name should say it all Ė if itís portable for you, itís portable for a thief. Now, if the safe is kept out of sight or in a place that is not easy to find, itís okay. 

  • Cookie jars and flour containers. Youíre better off storing baked goods and pantry staples in these jars. 

  • Picture frames with false backs. While they may seem like a good idea initially, these frames are thicker than others, which makes them stand out in a bad way. If, however, itís a picture or mirror with hidden hinges that is flush with the wall, that should work Ė especially if itís not common knowledge about anything behind it.  

To cope with the unthinkable, insure your belongings. The money wonít be able to replace the memories, but it can help you buy new pieces.

The big picture is all burglaries are crimes of opportunity, regardless of who might be taking your possessions. If you donít give them the opportunity, they will leave your jewelry alone. 

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