Who does a landscape plan?

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A professional landscaper can turn your property into a show-stopper
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Consult with someone who does a landscape plan professionally for best results

A landscape plan is done by a professional called a landscaper or landscape designer. This individual develops outdoor space for homeowners as well as for businesses and any organization that requires his services.

When an area is landscaped this means that the appearance has been improved via the use of flowers, plants, trees, shrubs and through altering of the contours of the ground. Sidewalks and pathways may be added as well as structures (trellises, gazebos, pergolas, decorative ponds) and lights.

Once contacted by a client, a landscape designer will draw up plans based on the needs and desires of his clients. He then selects the appropriate plants for the space and also designs water features and walkways if they are to be a part of the design. Landscape designers are often referred to as landscape artists because they do create a piece out of art using plants, lawns, shrubs, trees, bushes and other elements such as flagstone walkways.

Landscape designers always take into consideration the requirements of their clients and know that they have to work within the allotted space. Itís also important that the designer stay within budget.

A landscape designer also takes into consideration other factors when coming up with a design, including the location, the weather and the soil and often tries to use plants that are native to the locale.

Some landscape designers and artists are trained and have degrees in this field while others have developed expertise from years of gardening which theyíve combined with their artistic abilities. A successful landscaper knows just about everything there is to know about horticultural design and plants.

As a home- or business owner you may have an idea of what you would like for your landscape design but you do not have the expertise in this area to do it yourself. A professional landscaper can help you fully develop the landscape plan that you have in mind so that it complements your home or business and for the homeowner extends living space.

Additionally, a landscape professional knows what plants are going to work in your neck of the woods, which ultimately saves you money. If you do it yourself and use the correct plants you are going to have to spend more money each year replanting and hoping that something eventually takes root and thrives. The landscape professional takes the guesswork out of this process.

Landscaping should complement your home or business and not detract from it or conflict with it. For example, if you have an Asian-inspired home you should probably go with an Asian style garden rather than an English garden.

Structures in your landscaping, such as a gazebo or arbor, need to work well with your home or businessís exterior.

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, it should not only be functional but pleasing to the eye and this is achieved by landscape designers who know how to incorporate swimming pools into the overall design.

When the landscape professional creates the design, he knows that form follows function which means the area is not only going to be beautiful but itís going to be very useable. If you want to create an entertainment area, the landscape designer knows who to best do this. If you want a secret garden, where you can get away from the rest of the world, this can be achieved. The area will ultimately be such that it allows you and your family to do the activities that you want to do in a specific area while surrounded by beauty.

There are many landscape designs from which to choose including a rock garden landscape, formal landscaping, landscape for entertainment areas, pond landscapes, tropical landscapes and even landscapes for difficult areas.

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