Why Amish furniture is easy to use in decorating

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shaker corner hutch
An Amish Shaker corner hutch
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Amish furniture is beautiful, durable and easy to use in your home decor

Many choose this style of furniture because of its visual appeal and durability. If classic furnishings are your desire, this is the route to go. And, no, you donít have to turn your entire home into a virtual Amish oasis simply because you have chosen pieces of furniture in this design. The style can be effortlessly incorporated into any decor.

The Amish are skilled in selecting the best materials regarding color and grain of the wood. They know how to cut wood to make the most of the grain and are meticulous craftsmen, appreciating and executing detailed work.

There are numerous reasons why Amish furniture is easy to use in decorating, including the variety of woods utilized such as as soft and hard maple, cherry, red oak, white oak, hickory, walnut, mahogany, beech, pine, cedar, elm, quarter sawn white oak and northern red oak. The woods are different colors and strengths.

Which Wood Should I Choose?

Many consumers opt for northern red oak because of its long-lasting nature and beautiful color and warmth. Red oak is good for everyday use.

Those preferring the Shaker and Mission styles of furniture may choose white oak because it has an antique look to it.

Another option, mahogany, possesses an extremely beautiful finish. As it ages, the hue becomes a deep brown or red or even a pink or yellow tone.

Elm, available in almost white to brown, features a red cast. It is heavy, stiff wood.

If you prefer a contrast of light and dark colors, choose hickory, the hardest and heaviest wood, utilized in Bentwood furniture construction.

Walnut, hard and strong, comes in varying colors from almost white to dark brown. Walnut is the perfect choice for cabinets.

Eastern white pine, a softwood, may yellow with age. It has more knots than found in hardwood.

If you desire a rich, rosy glow, opt for cedar.

Many people are drawn to cherry because it is such a prepossessing color.

White oak is durable and hearty.

You pick the wood you like the most and which will work most effectively as a table, chair or cabinet and let the furniture maker proceed from there.

Why Hardwood?

The advantage of acquiring hardwood furniture: It is the real McCoy and not an imitation or synthetic. Hardwood is exceptionally durable. Every piece of wood is unique.A This furniture is unlike any other piece of furniture because no two trees look alike. Wood furniture is ageless and will look as good now as it will many years in the future.


Amish furniture isnít one specific style. Mission, Shaker and rustic styles are made by these craftsmen, as well as more contemporary pieces that fit nicely into your modern home.

The Shaker style, elegant yet plain, is quite durable and functional. The Mission style features exposed joinery, straight lines and modern and clean. The Queen Anne style, consisting of carved ornamentation, elaborate molding and distinctive foot details, is desired by many consumers who love the ornate look.

Why This Kind of Furniture?

This furniture is authentic, has long-lasting value, represents integrity, reflects the values and heritage of the builders and is the polar opposite of cheap, mass-produced furniture.

Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be thrilled when they inherit this furniture from you.

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