Bathroom lighting tips

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Illuminate the bath with complementary lighting.
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Beautify your bathroom with these simple lighting tips

When it comes to interior design and lighting, the bathroom may just well be the most overlooked room in the house. Not only should the bathroom have lighting that is attractive, but create an ambiance that suits your taste and style. After all, today's homeowner is starting to look at the bathroom as the place to go for relaxation after a long day. 
From decorative tubs to luxurious showers with built-in saunas, the bathroom is finally getting the recognition it deserves. However, if there is no budget for a major upgrade, try simple bathroom lighting tips that not only accessorize the bath, but cast you in a complimentary light for putting on makeover, shaving or combing hair.

Today's lighting fixtures offer more variety in design and aesthetics for every room in the house, especially the bath. Choices of lighting include overhead vanity lighting, ceiling globes, wall sconces, decorative night-lights, table lamps and natural lighting such as windows or skylights. We will look at each of these individually with bathroom lighting tips on where to place your lighting and the different types of lighting for the bath.

Vanity lighting - Gets first priority as to placing light fixtures. Halogen lighting casts a nice glow and reduces glare and shadows on the face. If halogen lighting is not your choice, opt for frosted incandescent bulbs to further reduce glare. Both halogen and incandescent bulbs portray colors accurately and are flattering to skin tones. 

Light up the mirror - Warm fluorescent sconces placed at the side of the bathroom mirror provide extra facial illumination and eliminates shadows on the face and head area. When placing lights at the side of the mirror, make sure the most luminous portion aligns with the face to reduce the shadows caused by the chin and nose. The layers of light produced by the vanity and at the mirror sides reduce glare and cast a complimentary glow to the face area. 

Table lamps - If you have a large vanity counter, an accent lamp is a nice touch. Small table and accent lamps create a soft, subtle glow and are great for relaxing in the tub after a long day. Just be sure not to place close to the sink where the lamp can be exposed to water.

Natural lighting - There are a couple of ways to achieve natural lighting. A skylight or window in the bath lets the sun in for a natural, warm feel. Dress up your windows with stylish curtains, shades, or shutters to suit your taste and expand on these bathroom lighting tips. If natural lighting isn't an option, consider bringing in full spectrum lighting.

Light up the tub or shower - Don't be in the dark to shower when there is lighting designed for wet areas. Adequate lighting avoids spills while you shampoo and shave. For the tub, choose a recessed fixture that shines at the outside edge of the tub to avoid bright glares.  

Dimmers - To add more ambiance and have a choice in lighting brightness, think about adding dimmers to your fixtures. Dimmers put you in control of the light you desire. Nightlights are also a nice touch to provide just enough light in the middle of the night to eliminate turning on bright overhead lights.

For a quick makeover, these bathroom lighting tips are an affordable and pleasing option for any budget. Wall sconces provide ambiance and reduce shadows while adequate vanity lighting illuminates the face and head for shaving and applying makeup in the morning. Bathroom lighting and decor should complement your lifestyle and home.

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