Deer proofing your Spring flower garden

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deer in spring garden
Keep deer away or rue the day
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Deer proofing your Spring flower garden is a must

After a long winter, the first burst of green and colorful petals look mighty tasty to hungry animals. They’re stunning to watch running through a field or catching some sun in a clearing, but deer will do some serious damage to your plants. Short of standing guard full time, deer proofing Spring flower garden is the best way to protect blossoms and healthy foliage from becoming dinner.

Fortunately, gardeners aren’t the type to stand by and watch their hard work get plundered. There are many tried and true methods to protect Spring bulbs, flowers, hedges and other growth. The less vulnerable your plants are, the more beauty, scents and life your yard will have.

The planning stage

As you select flower bulbs and seeds for the upcoming season, consider which varieties appeal least to deer. They’re extremely hungry at the end of winter so packing your garden with lettuce, impatients, hostas and English ivy is like opening a bag of candy in a playground. If you plant their favorites, they will come.

This doesn’t mean avoid these plants entirely. Shoot for a mix, including ones with strong aromas and irritating textures that upset their stomaches. Yarrow, barberries, cleome and lupines are few that’ll add lovely texture visually, and play the role of Brussels sprouts to four-legged terrors. Add them where animals try to enter the garden and near their favorite snacks.

Fight fire with fire

Deer consume about 6 to 10 pounds of plants every day. That’s a lot of sad gardeners! The main way they find food is by their sharp sense of smell. Border your gardens with pungent herbs so they’re less likely to detect tender roses and tasty chrysanthemums. Garlic, lavender, chive and mint are a few that’ll send them galloping away none the wiser.

The darker side of lawn ornaments

Many gardeners use wind chimes and statues to enhance the atmosphere of their outdoor area. These sounds that soothe us will frighten unwanted four-legged visitors. Motion-detecting lights at night combined with sundials that have moving parts and noisy wind chimes at once create an oasis for people and scare zone for deer. 

Secret garden

If possible, add a thick wall of boxwood hedges or spruces to prevent them from finding your lovely flowers in the first place. Dense foliage will help mask appealing scents and block their sight when tulips bloom and fruit ripens. Yes, they can leap, but they probably won’t bother if they can’t tell there’s something delicious on the other side.

Maintenance makes a difference

They love to lie down for a rest after a meal; overgrown grass makes for a comfortable bed. Mowing the lawn frequently and plucking juicy berries as soon as they’re ready will keep you one step ahead.

Keep an eye out

Deer proofing Spring flower garden may entail tending your favorite varieties closer to the house. They're more likely to attempt a feast in a quiet area when nobody is around. Having your most precious flowers and juicy fruits within sight of the window allows you to keep a closer eye out for threats.

Old reliable

When all else fails, put up a fence. It’ll need to be a minimum of 8-feet in height and slatted styles should have no more than 6-inch gaps. Electric fences are another option that’s less of a commitment. You can set them up when the deer population is at its peak and take it down for the rest of the year.

Deer proofing your Spring flower garden takes some effort, but the rewards make it well worth it. These precautions ensure you’ll enjoy those bright, beautiful blossoms and Oriental lilies all season long. Share these tips with neighboring gardeners and pick their brains for what’s worked for them in the past. 

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