How to clean bathtub grout

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dirty bathtub grout
Your bathtub grout doesn't deserve to look like this.
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Clean bathrub grout means an even more relaxing bath.

Even though your bathroom may be spotless, your bathtub grout could tell a different story.

Grout holds tiles in place and also prevents liquids from getting inside underneath the tiles. It's also often home to dirt and grime, which can make your bathroom look dirty and dingy. But you can't do without it, or you could have serious water damage underneath your tile, not to mention mold and midlew.

In order for your grout to look shiny and clean, you'll need to remove that funk. And when you know how to clean bathtub grout, your bathtub looks sparkling and inviting.

The Culprit

When you think about it, your bathtub comes in contact with all sorts of gross items, from dirt and old soap to mold and mildew. And since water likes to sit on the grout, it's only a matter of time before it turns your pretty white grout into a mildewy, dark-colored mess.

You can try to prevent that water from becoming mold or mildew by wiping it down with a towel after each shower or bath. Leaving your bathtub door open – if it has one – is also helpful, as it encourages that water to dry and not cause mold or mildew.

And now that you know the cause of dirty grime, you can go about removing and preventing it.

Grout Gunk Be Gone

Spritz the dirty gunk with a bio-enzymatic tile and grout cleaner, then scrub the grout with a toothbrush. A toothbrush is the perfect size to get in between those tiles and send that gross grime on its way.

Depending on how much build-up you've got going on, you might need to spritz and scrub a few times before your grout becomes totally clean. 

You can also try hydrogen peroxide to do the trick. Mix ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide with 1 cup of water, then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Saturate the grout with the peroxide and water, and allow the mixture to work its magic on the grime.

Grout stains will likely get the hint and be on its way out. You can also spray the peroxide blend on your grout after each bath to prevent gunk from building up.

Keeping It Clean

If your grout is clean, but perhaps not as clean as you'd like, you don't have to deal with it. You can get the bright and sparkling grout you desire by applying a grout renewal pen to the grout, which makes it white again. Although many are pretty straight forward with their use – you simply “draw” on the grout with the pen – read your product's instructions for best results. Although the pens won't always get your grout clean, they will restore the brightness your grout used to have.

Knowing how to clean bathtub grout is an important skill to have in order to make your bathtub look clean and inviting. When your tub looks clean, it makes you want to come and take a soak. After all, how relaxed can you be when you're looking at dirty grout all around you?

Having mold and mildew in your tub isn't the healthiest situation either. Breathing in those materials could cause problems with your health, which is particularly frightening, especially when you bathe a child in the tub.

Make your tub pretty and healthy by keeping your grout clean. 


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