How to clean your refrigerator

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Cleaning your fridge is quite easy
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Knowing how to clean your refrigerator keeps food and kitchen smelling fresh

The refrigerator is perhaps the most important and used item in the kitchen. Therefore, it tends to become dirty. Having an ice box that is on the messy side can make both the food you store inside and your kitchen smell unpleasant. When you know how to clean your refrigerator, however, you can keep your home and your food fresh.

Daily Maintenance

When you think about it, your ice box is a prime place for spills, leaks and other messes to take place. You are probably constantly opening and closing the door, which can cause bottles and packages to shake around and leak.

Additionally, moving and replacing items on the shelves can cause accidents to occur. Spilled milk can create a foul smell, as can leaking meats. Additionally, such liquids can cause bacteria to form and contaminate other items in the icebox.

Taking care of these leaks and spills is essential as soon as they occur. Use an absorbent cloth to soak up the liquid, then spray the area with a non-toxic product that is safe to use around food to ensure the bacteria is removed. Wipe the cleaner with a new cloth or paper towel to prevent spreading germs.   

Additionally, go through your ice box on a daily basis and remove any items that have expired or seem to be past their prime. Doing so can prevent additional leaks from taking place.

You can also potentially stop leaks from occurring by placing certain items in rimmed bowls or containers. For instance, keeping berries or defrosting meat in such a vessel may stop liquids from escaping onto your shelves.


Once a week, give the doors to your ice box some attention by wiping them down with a damp cloth and mild cleanser. Address the handles, as well. Bacteria and dirt are probably quite present on both surfaces, since they are touched the most. Keeping them spotless could prevent you and your family from spreading germs.

Inspect the fridge's coils once a week and take care of them, if needed. The coils tend to collect dust and hair. Your fridge may not run as efficiently as it could if the coils are covered. Use a coil brush to remove any debris you see.


The changing of the seasons is a good time to give your ice box a thorough scrub down. Choose a time when you are low on groceries, so that you won't have so much to remove from your fridge.

Start by unplugging your ice box or turning off its power at your fuse box. Remove its contents and place it in a safe place, or an alternative fridge, if you happen to have another plugged up in your home.

Take out the drawers and set them in your sink. Scrub them down with water and a mild detergent. Rinse off the soap and allow the drawers to air-dry.

Spray the shelves and door with a non-toxic cleaner, or use a mixture of 2 tbsp. of baking soda in a quart of hot water. Wipe the shelves and door down, then go back over the cleaned area with warm water. Use a cloth or paper towel to dry.

If food particles are stuck to the shelves, saturate them with the water and baking soda mixture. Allow it to sit for about ten minutes, or until it softens, then wipe it off. You may need to use a rough sponge or scraper to remove the contents.

Once your fridge is spotless, place the drawers back in, as well as the food items. Turn the power back on or plug it in. Your fridge should look great and smell even better. 

Maintaining your ice box isn't a glamorous chore, but it is essential. Once you know how to clean your refrigerator, you'll never have a messy or smelly ice box again.


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