How to decorate your home for fall

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Snuggle up in the warmest colors
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Easy tips on how to decorate your home for fall and the Autumn holidays

The warm, earthy colors of autumn offer an array of naturally stunning home decorating ideas. Leaves are changing and the scent of pumpkin bread is in the air. It’s the perfect time for updating your favorite rooms with hues and textures inspired by the outdoors.

From throw pillows you can snuggle up to fresh fall blossoms and framed pressed leaves, there’s no shortage of ways to dress your interior with the season’s best. But where to begin and how much is too much? 

It’s no secret. Learning how to decorate your home for fall is about choosing simple projects to incorporate into your existing décor. Start with a few small touches and a few dramatic focal points like a decorative metal plate, Autumn-hued vases or a Fall themed wall hanging.

As with all seasonal projects, the trick is not to procrastinate. Autumn is a time of continuous change and transition. In keeping with the season, if you put something up and don’t like it, take it down and try something else.

Work with all the senses

With crisp cider and melt-in-your-mouth cider doughnuts, clove and cinnamon sprinkled on a thousand different pumpkin drinks, the crunch of leaves fallen and sight of striking red, orange and yellow leaves not yet fallen … this time of year touches every one of your senses.

The most important lesson of how to decorate your home for fall is to get yourself in the mood by baking a pumpkin loaf or brewing a pit of delicious cranberry tea. Before you start to decorate for autumn, take a deep breath, curl up under your favorite knit blanket and make a list of what you love most. Include scents, moods, thoughts and moments. 

Some things on this list, like flavors and seasonal fruits, will lend themselves to multiple projects. If you love sweetened cranberries, apples or roasted pumpkin seeds, set out a leaf tray filled them. At night, light a scented candle and suds up with a seasonally-scented soap.

Wall collage

A single framed pressed leaf hung on the wall looks lonely. Hit up a few second hand stores or flea markets for an assortment of unique frames. Fill a few with pressed leaves, a few with black and white photographs off fallish scenes and quotes about this time. Hang them on the same wall in a cluster at various heights.

Handmade seat cushions

The sudden drop in temperature that follows summer brings out the crafter in many DIYers. One simple, fast project is to make new seat cushions for hard dining room chairs. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner or inviting friends over to watch the game, this is a fun time of year to entertain. Seat cushions make the hardest chairs more comfortable. Choose warm autumn-inspired fabrics.

Put a wreath on it

Wreaths are fun to make because they’re a simple to construct and a blank canvas to decorate. Twist together some moss and bendy branches, secure them with twine an decorate with small pumpkins and flowers. Hang the wreath on the front door, over the fireplace, hall mirror or any corner that needs a little special something.

Layer up

Dressing for cool mornings, warm interiors and cooler evenings call for some practiced layering. Break out the scarves and jackets that are thick enough to keep you cozy while loose enough for a sweater underneath. Walk through the rooms you spend time relaxing in and layer them in the same way.

Throw a woven rug on the floor to warm your feet, drape a cozy wool blanket over your favorite chair so you can enjoy a cup of tea curled up underneath with the window open. Layers of warmth in cool seasons make a home more inviting. They enhance the atmosphere by encouraging guests to stay a while.

There is no wrong answer when you’re experimenting with how to decorate your home for fall. Enjoy the process and use it as another excuse to savor this wonderful season.

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