How to do fall garden cleanup

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A little work goes a long way when cleaning up in the fall
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A little work goes a long way when you know how to do fall garden cleanup

The nights are getting cooler, there is a slight snap in the air, and the backpacks (and the kids with them) are heading back to school. Those of us who own homes know what this means. It's time to clean up the yard and ready it for the winter.

If it sounds like a daunting task to you, don't despair! It can be easy, and fun, to get that fall garden cleanup done quickly and with style. Read on to find out how.

Check your zone

You cannot always plant bulbs from a discount store and expect them to grow. Take some time to look up your planting zone before your purchase. An easy to use zone locator which tells you the optimum times for planting everything from bulbs to annuals. Knowing your zone is a great first step.

Plant your fall bulbs

Many bulbs do best planted in the fall before frost. This often helps them develop the most vibrant colors and heartiest plant. Check with your local garden store or garden club for details on what works in your area. You can also go online to research which flower bulbs do best when planted in the autumn. 

Take care of the birds

Some birds do not migrate to parts south during the winter. Instead, they hole up in your town and do they best they can to survive the winter. Why not help them along a little? Add roosting pockets to your fall garden cleanup. The birds will have a warm place to winter over providing you with beautiful birdsong and, hopefully, little babies in the spring.

Store patio furniture

Even though it is often made of durable plastic, it is important to properly store your garden furniture for the winter. Wash it down with an environmentally-friendly detergent or use baking soda mixed with water to gently scrub your furniture. The baking soda will not hurt your plants or contaminate your soil like a toxic detergent will.

Rub wood furniture with furniture oil from your local home store before storing it in a weatherproof shed or garage. Or even better, clean it and seal it with wood care products made just for wood out furniture. Make sure to put any outdoor pillows or cushions in plastic bags before storage to keep out bugs and other critters.

Mind your lawn

When working on their fall garden cleanup, many people tend to forget about their lawn. Yes, it is going to be cooler soon and the grass will be settling down for its long winterís nap in many places, but it still deserves your care if you want it to look great in the spring. Take time to pull out any weeds that may have grown and spread seed on the bare patches. On a warmer day, water your entire lawn thoroughly and continue to do so up until the first frost. The water will help the seeds germinate come spring.

If you take the time to do a complete fall garden cleanup, your home will be ready for its long winterís nap. Even if your home is in a more temperate climate, keeping up your garden should be a yearly task that will help keep up your property values.

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