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Give your window a makeover by hanging a swag
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You can learn how to make a swag easily with help of a few tools and materials

Is your window looking lackluster, or are you simply in the mood to change things up in your decor? If so, you can add drama, color and texture to just about any room by placing swags over your windows. The downside to purchasing a ready-made swag is that they aren't cheap.

However, you can make these decorative window treatments easily with the help of a few items.

First Things First

Before you can begin to create your masterpiece, you need to know how long of a piece of fabric you'll need. Do this by deciding how far down from the top you want the fabric to hang on either side of the window. Once you have determined the length, it's time to pull out the measuring tape.

Measure from your curtain rod down on each side of the window to the area you would like the fabric to fall. Then you'll need to measure the width of the window. Add about six or more inches -- just to be safe -- to allow for draping and hemming.

Purchase a piece of fabric that adheres to these measurements. The type of fabric you choose is totally up to you. You can choose a solid color, or you can go with a fabric that features color and pattern. Consider the color scheme of the room you are placing your window treatment in when deciding which fabric color you purchase.

You should also take the fabric's thickness into consideration. If you are concerned about drafts, go with a fabric that is thick and of a nice weight. Remember though, since your swag only hangs around the sides of the windows, you really don't need to select a fabric by its ability to filter or block out light.

The best fabric to go with is usually one that is thin and flowing. For instance, silk or a silk-like fabric is usually the best option. You also want to choose a fabric that doesn't fray easily.

You'll also need to choose a fabulous curtain rod from which to hang your fabric. Again, select a rod based on the decor of your room. Install the rod on your brackets before you work with the fabric.

Draping the Fabric

Drape the fabric over the rod in the way you want the finished product to look. Loop the fabric around the rod and play around with the amount of loops you use. You could opt for only two or you could wrap it around as many times as possible -- it is up to you.

Once you decide the route you want to take, get that measuring tape out again. Fold the ends of the fabric that are to hang down on the sides about 1/4 inch in. Use your iron to really work that fold into the fabric. Now sew a straight line about 1/8 inch above the bottom of your fold.

Fold the bottom about another 1/2 inch and iron the fold again. Sew another straight line 1/4 inch away from the edge of the fabric. Although you could hand sew here, using a sewing machine is usually much easier, particularly if you use thick fabric.

Hanging the Fabric

Now that your fabric is prepped and ready to go, drape it around the rod like you had planned. You may have to adjust a few areas of the fabric here and there, but you should basically have the look that you intended.

If you want a little more zing to your look, cap off the ends of your curtain rods with finnials. These decorative items sit on the end of your rods and they will take your decor to the next level.

If you are intimidated by home decor, you really shouldn't be. Styling your home should be fun and allow you to be creative. You also don't need to spend a lot to get a fabulous look. Since you can make a swag on your own, you won't have to shell out major cash to get your home looking like it belongs in a home decorating magazine.


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