Make your backyard look like a park

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shaded backyard bench
Shaded benches are a backyard must-have
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Here's how to make your backyard look like a park for your personal recreation

Private outdoor space is a huge perk whether you live with your family or alone. Yes, it requires a little love and maintenance to look nice, but the reward is enjoying fresh air, relaxing and playing in your own space year-round. You don't need landscaping know-how or a particularly green thumb to make the most of your yard.

Inspiration is all around. If you want to know how to make your backyard look like a park start by taking a walk to a few local ones and noting the elements you love most, like park benches, grills and landscape features. Regardless of where they're located, most public spaces share a few common features that make them appealing places to spend a few free hours.


As pleasant as it is to sit outside, high noon sun is brutal on a warm day. Trees offer an oasis of shade. If you don't currently have a huge tree, plant a fast-growing one. Keep in mind that “fast-growing” means you'll be able to enjoy its shade in 5-6 years. In the mean time, a patio umbrella or simple canopy will keep you cool.

Picnic area

A day at the park is often accompanied by a picnic basket filled with delicious food. Create your personal picnic spot on a hill or grassy patch under a tree. If possible, choose a location where you can watch birds, people or clouds. If you have a grill, set up the picnic area a few feet away for safety and guaranteed backyard cookout success.


You really want to know how to make your backyard look like a park, a place to rest and simply enjoy being outside? Then sturdy, comfortable benches are a must-have. Choose a model that best fits the size and style of your outdoor space.

Wooden benches are a classic choice, plus they're earth-friendly and durable. Other popular materials include aluminum, thermoplastic and strap metal. Ones made for parks have a coating or finish that prevents them from getting too hot on sunny days.


At first glance, parks may look like calm, still places but don't be fooled. These places draw people because they offer a perfect setting for fun in the sun. Recreational activities vary by resources, but often include open space for Frisbee, volleyball, catch and other sports.

Pick up basic sporting equipment like a soccer ball, net and badminton rackets as they go on sale and keep them accessible for whoever is outside. For kids parties you can spray paint dots on the lawn for a giant Twister game board.

Playgrounds are a major bonus. There are a number of scaled-down models for backyards that include a swing set, slide and places to hide in. Many people install these sets on grass or mulch to provide a softer surface in case of falls.


A walk to the park often involves taking in a beautiful view of mountains, sea or a thriving garden. Create a beautiful focal point in your yard with a bit of DIY magic. Drill marble-sized holes in the fence and wedge colorful marbles in them. They play with the light and turn a plain old fence into an unexpected work of art.

There are countless ways for how to make your backyard look like a park. All you need is a little inspiration and patience. It takes time to shape an outdoor space that fits and even exceeds your vision. Start with the basics of comfortable seating a well-maintain lawn and go from there.

Be careful what you wish for! Soon your yard may be the destination of choice for all the neighborhood kids with energy to burn.

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