How to write a thank you speech

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Giving a speech is not as difficult as it seems
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Tips to saying thanks when you write a thank you speech

Everyone at some point in his or her life has to write a thank you speech. Although this seems like a difficult task, it is actually quite easy. You simply need to give some thought to the process to ensure it is appropriate and well organized.

Obviously, the most important aspect of writing a thank you speech is making a list of the people you want to thank. If there are a lot of names, divide them into three separate groups:

1) Those you have to thank.
2) Those you should thank.
3) Those you would like to thank but it is not completely necessary.

During the speech, thank those from group 1 on an individual basis. After you name those that fit into group 1, try to arrange the rest into groups: family, co-workers, etc. so you can thank them as a group instead of spending too much time naming each individual.


First and foremost it's important to structure the speech to whom you will be speaking. Organizing your thoughts on paper will keep you on track and eliminate stray thoughts and random words.

Think about a specific direction for your speaking points. Begin by writing down the title of your speech and expound on some possible angles. This will give you a precise topic and will also help you to avoid straying from your intended comments and writing a speech that is boring or too long.

Keep it Short

Remember, when devising your speech, that time is of the essence. One of the biggest crimes of speeches is that they are too long and tend to meander. If you have ever watched award shows, you may have yawned as the recipients carried on and on until the orchestra had to drown them out to make them stop talking.

Quench the Nerves

If you are feeling nervous and you are too old for "picturing the audience in their underwear",  consider writing your speech on decorative border paper or inspirational stationary. When you look at your speech, it can help invoke feelings of calm which will ease your nerves.

Personalize it

One speech writing tip that is very appropriate and allows for some personalized comments is to be aware of "when" you are giving your speech. If you are scheduled for an 8 AM speech during a formal breakfast, opening with a comment about how early it is and that you hope everyone is awake will bring a chuckle, break the ice and allow you to feel more relaxed.

Create an Outline

Lastly, before beginning, it is important that you create a rough outline. Begin your outline with the title of your speech, followed by a timely opening or icebreaker. Next, add the main idea, followed by your ending or closing remarks. Finally, you should add times in minutes next to each part of your outline and rehearse your speech while timing yourself, trying to adhere to your given time frame.

Think about yourself, too

If public speaking makes you nervous, the last thing you need is to get up there on the stage and realize you have a spot on your shirt. Or that you forgot to put on lipstick that morning. 

The night before your speech, make sure you have everything ready to wear the next day. And then, just to be sure, select a backup outfit (for men that might mean an extra shirt and tie, if the occassion calls for a suit.)
Check over everything for spots, tears, or missing buttons. Make sure it all fits well, too. 

Check to make sure you have shampoo and your favorite body care supplies. Put out anything else you'll need to use, from makeup to deoderant, even if you usually keep everything in cabinets or drawers. 

That when when it's time to get ready, you'll have one less thing to fret over. 

As you can see, writing a thank you speech does not have to feel like a huge, difficult project. Stay organized and diligent in your thoughts. Take a breath, relax and you will be off to a great start in giving a thank you speech that is welcomed by all who are listening.

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