When you need a home security system

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A security system discourages burglars
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Every minute of the day and night is when you need a home security system

Everyone needs a home security system but that doesn't mean all homeowner have them; not by a long shot.

When you need a home security system specifically are those times when you are on vacation or working out of town and want to know your loved ones left behind at home are safe despite your absence. When an individual and his family are in the home, a unit of this nature notifies them when someone is trying to enter their residence, giving them time to react and call the police. Essentially, this safety unit is needed at all times.


When apparent to burglars a home has a security system because there are signs posted in the yard and stickers on the windows, this deters home burglaries, which the FBI points out take place every 13 seconds.

The FBI reports criminals are three times less likely to break into a home equipped with a system. If not armed with a unit, a home is 300 percent more likely to be broken into.

Ideally, the unit connects to a certified monitoring company, which immediately alerts the homeowner and the police when a break-in occurs.

According to Safeguardtheworld.com, summer is the season when most burglaries occur. Homeowners leave their windows open, an invitation to intruders.

A third of all burglaries are achieved by entering through an unlocked or window. The scariest part, one out of three assaults int he result of a home burglary, meaning the burglar encountered a resident, leading to a confrontation or worse.

The majority committing home break-ins are not professionals. Their behavior is often treacherous and desperate, resulting in impulsive and reckless actions. This ends up in someone getting hurt or killed.

The best way NOT to become a victim is by "hardening the target." Bolster the residence with an alarm unit and keep windows and doors locked. If a home appears too hard to enter, the burglar will not attempt it. Do not make it easy for home invaders.

Install metal or solid core doors. A deadbolt is essential. The door should have a wide-angle peephole. When you moved into a new house or apartment, immediately change the door locks.

When a home is broken into despite the system, the average loss the homeowner experiences is $3,226, which is $2,000 less than the homeowner who doesn't have safeguards in place. Security units reduce loss because the burglar does not stick around long when alarms go off.

Ideally, the unit should include heat senors and fire alarms and feature an audible siren or horn so it scares the daylights out of the intruders as well as notifies the homeowner and neighbors a burglary is in progress.

In addition to installing a security unit, be smart: Put lights and the TV on automatic timers so they turn on when you are not home. Install exterior lighting. This is a deterrent. A well-lit front and back yard discourage intruders.

Artificial illumination at night safeguards a home and property but keep in mind most break-ins occur during the day when people are at work.

Insurance companies give discounts to homeowners who install safety units in their homes, which is a decided advantage and impetus for doing so.

A security system makes a wonderful Christmas or birthday present for your loved ones. This gives you peace of mind throughout the year.


If you think a burglary is taking place in your neighborhood, call 911. Do not be a hero and insert yourself into a situation with potentially deadly consequences. If a vehicle is involved, write down the license plate number if you can it from the safely of your home.

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