Where to store stuffed animals

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A giant plush animal can sit on the floor
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Knowing where to store stuffed animals can protect them and add style

Those with stuffed animals know that you usually can't have just one. For whatever reason, it seems like once you obtain one of these furry toys, you end up with a bunch. Figuring out what to do with them is often a predicament, since they tend to take up lots of space. Knowing where to store stuffed animals can keep them in good condition and get them out of the way.

Situated in Your Home

There's almost nothing more welcoming than seeing a giant teddy bear looking at you when you enter a room. Not only is the bear likely adorable, but it is probably a comforting sight, as well. Toys of this nature are often just fine when sitting around the room.

If you have a corner that is empty or a chair that needs an inhabitant, these fluffy toys usually make excellent choices. They can add texture and color to a room, as well as a softness. These toys can also make a person feel welcome and relaxed.

These types of toys typically fit in a child's room, especially those that are large, since they can also be used for sitting. Your child will likely be very happy to have these giant toys displayed all over her room.

Up High

If lack of space is an issue in finding a home for your toys, implement the help of your ceiling and walls. Purchase a toy net that you can place in the corner of a room up high. The net looks like a hammock and holds your toys in place.

The hammock is often helpful because it gets the toys off of the floor and allows you to still see them. They are also allow to reach your toys with ease so they can still be played with.

Installing shelves on your walls is also an option. The shelves help to get the toys out of the way and still allows you to see and access them. They also make for simple and cheap wall decorations.

Another decorative and practical option is to install a string or wire from one corner of the room to another. Use clothespins to hang the toys from their ears onto the wire. The toys will be out of the way and still in view.

Out of Sight

If you don't want to get rid of the toys, but also don't want to look at them, store them in your closet. However, this doesn't mean throwing them on the floor; you'll still have to keep them contained.

Place small stuffed animals inside a shoe organizer that you can hang on the inside of your door. Doing so keeps them clean and free of dust and dirt. You can also still find them easily.

An alternative option is to place them in a shoe organizer you can store under your bed. Small toys can fit in the slots and allow you to see and grab them when needed.

Clear, plastic bins also keep your toys protected when you store them. You can keep them in a closet or in another location and know that they will be protected inside the bins. Wrap older and fragile toys in acid-free paper to preserve them.

Display Case

Keeping your toys in a display case is also an option. This type of storage is perfect for collectibles or those you want to see often. Temperature and humidity-controlled display cases are also available for older or valuable toys.

Display cases are often available at sports memorabilia stores or online.

Knowing where to store stuffed animals can keep them safe and help your home to look good.


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