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An at-home facial
Moisturizing your skin with at-home treatments is done by purchasing your own beauty supplies to fit your particular skin and following simple facial instructions.
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Learn how to give yourself a facial.

While spending the day at the spa is a welcome respite, many of us simply cannot afford to pay for professional pampering and turn to at-home treatments to satisfy our beauty yens. If your budget dictates your regimen, take heart. There are many fabulous ways to give yourself a facial and get that spa feeling at home.


Step One: Clean your face


Cleaning your face is the first step toward a terrific at-home facial. A great way to open your pores and prepare the skin for a thorough cleaning is to place a warm washcloth on your skin prior to cleaning. Then, using a gentle cleaner formulated for your skin type to remove any dirt and make up. Rinse well and pat dry with a soft towel.


Step Two: Exfoliate


Removing any debris and dead skin cells is a must. Dead skin and flakiness can make skin look tired and older than it should. Using a gentle exfoliant or facial scrub, apply and rub over the face in a soft, circular motion, avoiding any break out areas. Rinse well and pat dry.


Step Three: Steam your face


The easiest way to steam your face is to run some warm water (be careful not to make it too hot, this will do more damage than good), wet a washcloth and place the cloth over your face for three to five minutes. If you're looking for that authentic steam feel, fill the sink with hot water and drape a towel around your shoulders and over your head. Lean your face towards the water, being careful not to get too close and close your eyes. The steam will loosen black heads and thoroughly clean your pores and while plain water is fine, some prefer adding essential oils to the water for further relaxation. Some good ones to try include lavender oil, chamomile tea leaves and rosehip oil. Try to do a deep steam every four to six weeks to keep your skin in pristine condition.


Step Four: Apply a mask


When purchasing a facial mask, look for one that compliments your skin type, be it oily, normal or combination. Apply the mask persuant to the container instructions and rinse well. While the mask is drying, consider putting your feet up and reading a chapter of a good book, watching your favorite show or listen to some music. Another great way to enjoy your at-home facial is to place some pads on your eyes. Under-eye pads can be purchased or you can always revert to the famous tea bag to reduce puffiness. A facial is meant to be relaxing so take advantage and enjoy your time.


Step Five: Tone


Applying a gentle toner will help return the skin's normal pH levels, clean away any lingering exfoliant or mask and prepare the skin for moisturizing.


Step Six: Moisturize


Moisturizing is an important step when doing at-home facials. Exfoliants and masks can be drying, and it is important to replenish your skin with moisture. Make sure to choose a lotion with SPF and massage into the skin with gentle circular motions. Make sure all of the moisturizer is absorbed.


Facials can result in breakouts. This is a result of impurities being pulled to the surface of the skin. It may be a good idea to check your schedule ahead of time and not do a facial right before an important event. If you do choose to make at home facials part of your regular skin routine, these breakouts should cease to occur. Your skin will become used to the facial process and there will be less skin impurities drawn out. In addition to a great facial, a healthy diet, lots of sleep, low stress levels and regular exercise can all help keep your complexion clear and healthy looking.

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