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How to start collecting charms

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A child's birthstone is a lovely start to collecting charms
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Collecting charms is easy to start and fun to do

Charms are nothing new. People have been collecting charms since the last part of the Stone Age when they would keep a stone in their pocket to ward off their enemies. The early Christians would wear a fish charm under their clothing. They would then reveal it to other Christians to gain entry to secret services during a time when Christianity was outlawed.

Today, charms are a way to commemorate an event or to display one’s interests. People may carry charms created from the birthstones of their childrens’ birth months, one to commemorate their graduation from college or simply to acknowledge their participation in a sport such as soccer or track and field events.

Read on to find out how to begin collecting charms for charm bracelets.

Where to start?

The first piece you need to purchase is the bracelet.

Some popular charm bracelets come in the slider variety. The corresponding charms have holes in their center and are then slid onto the chain. 

The more conventional charm bracelet is the chain bracelet. They can be simple, one-chain designs, multiple chain links or they can have links intertwined. Materials run the gamut of sterling silver and gold-plated to various levels of gold such as 14K or 18K. Choose the one that interests you, but keep in mind that all of your charms will be made of the same metal. In other words, if you buy a gold chain, you will need to buy gold charms to go along with it.

The first charm

You can buy your first charm to commemorate anything you want. Some women give a charm bracelet to their bridesmaids to commemorate their participation in their wedding. I prefer the more personal approach to charm giving. Children might give a charm of their birthstone for their mother for Mother’s Day or a husband might give a baby charm to commemorate the birth of their first child.

Collect charms at your own pace

There is nothing to say a charm has to be given as a gift. Many women start collecting charms on their own to honor special days or special projects in their lives. A charm to remind you of the first day of your first job might be something that reflects your career goals. For example, a charm of a computer monitor to mark a programming job, or a book or chalkboard charm to mark your first day as a teacher.

When looking for the best charm, make sure it is meaningful to you.

An article on NPR’s website calls charm bracelets ‘History on a Wrist’ since the charms you choose reflect the life you live by showing examples of what you like to do and who you love. Pick out a bracelet and start your own history. In this case, a charm is worth a thousand words.

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