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Offering freebies is a very practical tactic many businesses take to help bring in new business, especially when they are offering a new product
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Finding freebies is easier than you may think.

Don't you love getting something for free? Do you know that many companies like to offer freebies as a good business practice? It's true! Many companies offer freebies in hopes that you will simply fall in love with their product and go out and buy the full-size product. Offering freebies is a very practical tactic many businesses take to help bring in new business, especially when they are offering a new product.

There are a variety of places you can go freebie-hunting (look at the bottom of this article for some cool Web sites). This article will offer you some freebie tips to help you get freebies and make sure that you have the best chance to get the freebies that you would like the most.

Follow the Rules

This is very important. If a company tells you to fill out the form, fill it out in full. Follow all of the directions. If a company tells you to mail information to a certain address with a self-addressed stamped envelope, then do this. Many companies that offer freebies will receive many responses if someone doesn't follow the rules, chances are that they will not send this person a freebie. A company has their reasons for asking you to follow specific directions. If you do not like the questions you are asked or the directions that are given, do not submit your request for the freebie.

Respond Quickly

Companies will get a lot of responses to a freebie offer especially a good freebie offer. Some companies will put a limit on their freebie offer (i.e. the first 5,000 to respond will receive the freebie). So make sure that your response is in as early as possible. When you see a freebie that you like, sit down and respond right away.

Be Patient

Finding freebies is quick, but receiving them can take time. Sometimes you will request a freebie and receive the item within a week or two weeks. Other times it will literally be months before you get a response from the company. Trust that you will get a response as long as the company still has the freebie offer. Rather than contacting the company, return to the offer and read the fine print to see if any information about delivery time is listed. Sometimes it will say within four to six weeks. Just be patient.

Share Your Freebies

Sometimes you will see freebies that your friends or family might like. Let your friends and family know about these great freebie offers and let them try the ones they like the best. This is a great way to share your new hobby of freebie hunting.

Freebie Web Sites

Here are some great freebie hunting Web sites where you can find some great freebies:

Remember that most freebies are posted daily, if not weekly. Check Web sites regularly to see what is listed. Good luck finding freebies!

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